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    • 5% Strength (500ml/5ml)
    • 5ml Syringe Applicator
    • 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD (20mg per serving)
    • Servings per unit: 25 (based on 2 gradient serving)
    • CO2 Extracted
    • Whole Plant Extract Paste
    • Organic
    • Below 0.2% THC
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    Reakiro Hemp Extract CBD Paste Syringe

    Reakiro CBD Paste is manufactured with the most premium raw CBD extract that is guaranteed quality. Reakiro is one of the leading CBD producers and manufacturers within’ and around Europe. Their high-quality CBD products are gaining traction from the US fast. All because of how dominant their product range is with the use of this premium extract. To keep up with a high standard of quality, Reakiro is proud members of the European Industrial Hemp Association(EIHA).

    This CBD paste uses an expertly designed applicator that would classify as a syringe but has a push mechanism that allows the paste to come out at a lot easier rate, called the RxPen. Making the paste easy to administer and allows you to apply your daily CBD dose fast. All you have to do is push out the size of a rice grain and you’re ready to go.

    The paste comes in a sturdy box, with cardboard reinforcement inside giving the CBD paste a bit more of protection to prevent any mishaps for when it is being posted or even on your daily commute. The labelling on the product is also easy to read, makes it clear and transparent to read. Unlike some other CBD brands.

    Reakiro’s CBD paste like any other paste has a natural, earthy and pure taste while providing a pleasant experience with its terpenes and flavanoids. They use CO2 extraction to get their extract which is generally regarded and seen as one of the safest and efficient methods.

    Why Choose Reakiro Hemp Extract CBD Paste

    Reakiro pride themselves over the fact that they have full control of their CBD products and production. Reakiro source the seeds for their hemp, manage the cultivation, extract the CBD from the hemp and overlook the packaging. They truly have full control over their own product.

    Using nothing but quality hemp harvested from artisan hemp farms around Poland, they keep within’ the organic guidelines they’ve set. Meaning, they stay away from an array of harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and any other chemicals. To ensure full traceability, Reakiro makes sure that every batch is traceable with the use of their batch codes on the off chance there is a problem or Reakiro are not satisfied with the quality.

    Along with providing a clean product, they also display their lab reports from a third party lab facility in the packaging and also display these reports on their website. This shows their commitment to transparency. Something that doesn’t always exist in the CBD industry.

    How to Use:

    Simply remove the cap on the top of the syringe and push gently on the plunger to push out the paste for the recommended dose. Reakiro recommends adding the paste to your food or can be taken directly for best possible absorption.


    Whole Plant Hemp Extract. Less than 0.2% THC