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    • Available in two sizes:
      • 30 Capsules (450mg Total)
      • 60 Capsules (900mg Total)
    • 15mg per Capsule
    • Discreet
    • Full-Spectrum
    • Organic
    • Vegan-Friendly
    • Hemp Extract Derived CBD
    • European Pharma GMP Compliant
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    Reakiro CBD Capsules

    Reakiro CBD Capsules are manufactured with the most premium Full-Spectrum CBD oil. Reakiro is a leading CBD production and manufacturer around Europe. Each bottle of capsules holds 30 capsules which are dosed at 15mg of CBD per capsule, which equates to 450mg per bottle. Meaning you can keep control of your intake of CBD for your daily CBD routine.

    If you find yourself living a busy life and always on-the-go, but still want to keep CBD apart of your daily routine, these capsules are perfect for you. With the idea of making them easy-to-take while staying discreet from their small size. Each capsule uses a vegetable gel making them suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

    Who is Reakiro CBD?

    Reakiro Hemp is a leading European Pharma GMP compliant CBD manufacturer and supplier. Their range of products, which include CBD oils, creams and capsules use full-spectrum CBD. Offering multiple benefits from cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. All of which you would not get access to with broad-spectrum or isolate CBD oil. Reakiro is also renowned for its award-winning creative product design over the years and their innovation.

    Reakiro makes sure that you’re getting the most high-quality product and does this by being there for every step during the process of their products. All the way from sourcing the hemp seeds that make their full-spectrum CBD oil, being present for the organic cultivation, product design, and even packaging.

    Reakiro is present for every step of the way needed to make their product and during the production process and it definitely shows with the high-quality product you receive. To stand by its own standards, Reakiro uses and keeps a record of traceable batch codes which are printed on each particular product for full transparency and trust.

    The Benefits of CBD Capsules?

    Taking CBD capsules is just an alternative method of taking CBD and most people prefer this method for different reasons. One of the most popular reasons why most people prefer taking CBD capsules is to deal with the earthy taste of CBD oil, which most people would say is harsh to the palate.

    By taking a CBD capsule you bypass tasting the oil. Many also like taking CBD gel capsules because it allows you to take it without people questioning what you are doing and gives discretion.

    It also gets you used to take it as a daily vitamin to your schedule so you build a habit and routine of taking it on a daily basis without forgetting while taking it in a dropper many tend not to make a routine because of the hassle it sometimes can offer.


    Hemp extract with 7,5% CBD, Piperine (black pepper extract), Vegetable glycerin, Hypromellose, Below 0.2% THC

    Reakiro recommends that you should take at least 2-3 capsules daily depending on the individual’s preference.