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    • Available in 3 strengths:
      • 5% (500mg/10ml)
      • 10% (1000mg/10ml)
      • 15% (1500mg/10ml)
    • 10ml Dropper Bottle
    • Full Spectrum Oil
    • Approx 200 drops
    • Lab Reports
    • Organic
    • CO2 Extraction
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    Reakiro CBD Oil

    Reakiro CBD Oil is manufactured with the most premium CBD extract/oil that is guaranteed to be full-spectrum. Reakiro is one of the leading CBD producers and manufacturers within’ and around Europe. Known for their high-quality CBD products, they are also slowly gaining traction from the US because of how dominant their product is.

    Each bottle of oil comes in three strengths, allowing you to choose the right oil just for you. These dosages come in 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg in a 10ml bottle allowing the CBD oil to stay as concentrated much as possible without watering the CBD with an oil carrier.

    This CBD oil uses MCT oil ( Fractured Coconut Oil ) as the carrier oil. Which is thought to provide a higher bioavailable to the body. This means it can absorb a lot quicker than the traditional use of virgin olive oil or hemp seed oil.

    Reakiro CBD Oil comes in a typical dropper, making it easy to administer. One of the first thing’s you’ll notice on the packaging is the use of a child-safe lid. Although there is no evidence to prove CBD can be harmful to children, this is good re-insurance that there would be no leaks or spills.

    The bottle comes in a metal canister within’ a sturdy box, giving a beautiful polished look and premium feel. The labelling on the product is also easy to read, makes it clear and transparent to read, unlike some other CBD brands.

    Reakiro’s CBD Oil is unlike any other oils as it isn’t as bitter to the taste than many other CBD oils. Providing a pleasant experience with its terpenes and flavanoids. They use CO2 extraction to get their extract which is generally regarded and seen as one of the safest and efficient methods.

    Why Choose Reakiro?

    Using nothing but quality hemp from sustainable hemp farms in Poland. Ensuring to stay within’ the organic guidelines without using the array of harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and any other chemicals. To ensure full traceability, Reakiro makes sure that every batch is traceable with the use of their batch codes.

    Along with providing a clean product, they also display their lab reports from a third party lab facility in the packaging and also display these reports on their website. This shows their commitment to transparency, something that doesn’t always exist in the CBD industry. You’ll find on the lab results that the oil has a good amount of CBD and CBDa while having traces of other cannabinoids.

    Reakiro pride themselves over the fact that they have full control of their CBD product and production. Reakiro source the seeds for their own quality hemp, manage the cultivation, extract the CBD and overlook the packaging. Truly having full control over their own product.

    Reakiro’s Suggested dosage:

    Serving size: 2/3 droppers or 15 drops (20 mg CBD)

    Do not exceed 130mg of CBD per day.

    Direction of use from Reakiro:

    Oil can be added to food or drink and taken sublingually in coordination with diet.

    The oil should be held under the tongue for 60-90 seconds before swallowing to allow absorption into the blood through a small gland that sits under the tongue.

     Lab Reports