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The UK's No. 1 CBD Oil! Provacan CBD Oil. 

Provacan 300mg CBD Oil is a powerful Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Thanks to its unique formulation, Provacan's CBD Oils cater to many different needs -  and is so easy to take and transport that you can take it with you anywhere, anytime.

When it comes to CBD oil, we know how to spot the good ones. That’s why we now offer this amazing new product. 


  • 3% Strength (300mg/10ml)
  • 10ml Dropper Style Glass Bottle
  • Full Spectrum
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested.
  • Contains less than 0.03% THC.
  • All Natural
  • Hemp-Derived

Why Choose Provacan?

We believe in every client’s wellness and daily wellbeing. That’s why we only hand-pick the best of the best in CBD products. Well, Provacan has met every single criterion which we have here at Bloom Botanics:

Our experts love an easy-to-use product, and this CBD Oil is right up their alley. They have commented that it is easy to transport, and that is so easy to dose that it only takes a few seconds from beginning to end. 

How We Like Using It

CBD Oil is very easy to incorporate into daily life, and it is even easier with the Provacan CBD Oil! Our team has tried this CBD Oil, and these are some ways we’ve used it:

  • Taking it sublingually for maximum effectiveness
  • Putting a few drops into our bed-time teas for an ultra-relaxing night.
  • Adding it to our tropical smoothies in the morning to spice up our mornings.
  • Adding a drop or two to our favourite creams and lotions for a topical CBD

Using CBD throughout the day in small doses has its benefits. It is easy to do, it keeps your day interesting, and it doesn’t become a monotonous task. That’s why we have found ways to use it throughout the day. Of course, it is also easy to take a whole dose at once and wash it down with juice or water. However, we love to keep things interesting and fun, and that’s why we’ve shared with you our favourite and most fun ways to use this Provacan 300mg CBD Oil!

Our Clients’ Opinion

The Provacan 300mg CBD Oil is a great place to start if you are new to CBD, and Provacan is a great brand to start out with because it is all-natural and organic, and sourced from pesticide-free hemp. They are the UK's number one hemp oil brand. Thanks to their extensive research in cannabis and hemp. 

If you are new to CBD, we do advise you to make sure that taking a Full-Spectrum product is not a problem in your workplace. Full Spectrum means that all of the cannabinoids will be found in this product, including THC. While this is only in minuscule amounts (0.02%), even small trace amounts of THC can show up on tests at times.

What  Cannabinoids It Contains

Provacan’s 300mg CBD Oil contains an impressive array of cannabinoids derived from hemp plants. Here they are:

  • CBD (Cannabidiol)
  • CBDv (Cannabidivarin)
  • CBG (Cannabigerol)
  • CBDa (Cannabidiolic Acid)


Olea Europaea, Hemp Plant Extract. 

Contains less than 0.02% THC.