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What are Love Hemp Liquid Terpenes?

Basically, terpenes are the essential oils found in many plants and even some insects. Terpenes are a necessary component of the therapeutic effects from CBD. Just like when you feel relaxed from smelling lavender, Cannabis Terpenes can create the same mood-changing effect. Love Hemp has worked hard to produce the highest grade strain-specific plant derived terpene formulations. Love Hemp UK's Terpenes enable you to create a completely bespoke and unique CBD oil or Vape E-liquid formulation.

Love Hemp's chemists took plant derived terpene extracts from non-cannabis plants and then used them to recreate the terpene structure formulations found in actual cannabis strains. With this Terpene formula, they then add pure organic flavinoids which refine the final flavour to be an identical match to the cannabis strains. So all you need to do is add Love Hemps Terpenes to your favourite oil or E-liquid.

How to use Liquid Terpenes

Love Hemp offers some of the most high-quality terpenes in the UK. These terpenes enable you to make a terpene blended Oil or E-Liquid from 20ml to 100ml. Allowing you to enhance the earthy aromas and flavours of the cannabis plant to enable a whole new experience!


Some examples of dilutions we recommend: 

  • mix 1ml Terpene into 20ml Oil/Vape to create a 5% strength solution
  • mix 1/2ml Terpene into 10ml Oil/Vape to create a 5% strength solution
  • mix 1/4ml Terpene into 10ml Oil/Vape to create a 2.5% strength solution

Love Hemp does not recommend adding more than 5% liquid terpene blend to your chosen CBD oil or E-Liquid.

WARNING: Keep away from eyes and DO NOT consume in pure form. Terpenes MUST be diluted before use. (so no more than one single drop terpene per 1ml of CBD oil or vape juice (based on 1ml = 20 drops)