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    • 4 fantastic flavours to pick from: Grape, Blueberry Menthol, Mary Jane, Custard Cream. Helping you Find the perfect taste for you and get a greater overall vaping experience
    • 15ml dropper style bottle to make it easy to refill your vape/pod
    • Extracted from Organic Full Spectrum Hemp
    • Non-intoxicating & Non-Psychoactive - With only the CBD element of the Hemp plant and 0% THC you can rest assured you can vaporize this at any time of the day without loss of clarity
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    Love Hemp CBD E-Liquid

    The Love Hemp CBD E-liquid is the perfect way to enjoy the effects of CBD from one of the UK's most reputable CBD brands. Vaporization is the preferred method of many who like to get their daily CBD dose on the go. Love Hemp sources only best USA grown Hemp that is free of chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones, genetically modified products and is certified organic. The Love Hemp CBD E-liquid is made with 99% pure CBD crystals along with full spectrum cannabidiol rich hemp extract.

    **This Product is for use with electronic cigarettes only. Do not ingest orally. Please check out our CBD Oils if you wish to not vape CBD.**

    Why Vaporize CBD?

    Vaporizing CBD is said to be more efficient at transferring CBD into the blood than oral consumption through oil, drops or edibles such as CBD gummies. It has been found that vaporizing CBD allows up to 60% of the cannabidiol reach the blood system. When consuming CBD orally, it has been found that only 15% of it is absorbed, due to it being filtered out by your liver or just passing through your digestion system entirely.  This means that consuming the Love Hemp CBD E-liquid through vaporization can be 4 times more efficient than edible forms of CBD!

    Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine (Glycerol), Propylene Glycol, Full Spectrum CBD Extract, Flavourings. Contains 0% THC. 

    VG:PG Ratio: 60:40

     Lab Reports

    0.67% CBD liquid

    1.67% CBD liquid