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    • 60 Capsules
    • 10mg of CBD/CBDa per capsule
    • Vegetable Capsules – No Gelatin
    • Vegan-Friendly
    • Lactose Friendly
    • 600mg of CBD + CBDa Per Container
    • Total THC Content: 0.052%
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    Love CBD Entourage Capsules

    The Entourage CBD Capsules contain Love CBD's unique cocktail of legal cannabis strains which are grown in various climates. By doing this, the goal is to maximize the possibilities of the cannabis plant and all its varieties. This is referred to as 'The Entourage Effect'.

    The concept of the entourage effect was developed by Dr Raphel Mechoulam, who has dedicated his life to studying Cannabinoids. He suggested that all the compounds found in the cannabis plant such as CBD, terpenes and phytochemicals work better when taken together. This is why proper cannabidiol extract and full-spectrum CBD is considered more effective than a CBD isolate, which is what is used in many other CBD oils. 

    This concept led Love CBD to develop this exact cannabis cocktail to develop their ultimate Full Spectrum CBD extract found in the Entourage CBD Capsules.

    Where is the Cannabis Grown?

    The cannabis extract is extracted from cannabis grown in the Netherlands, Ukraine & Czech Republic.

    What is in the Entourage Capsules

    There are only two ingredients in these vegan-friendly capsules:

    • Cannabis Extract
    • Coconut Oil

    Love CBDs goal is to make plain and simple CBD products that anyone can enjoy. This means a Vegan product which is free of chemicals and flavours.

    CBD is fat-soluble, and that is why the cannabis extract is suspended in the coconut oil. This enables the CBD to be better absorbed in your stomach. Meaning more CBD ends up in your bloodstream.