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    • Contains 250mg of CBD at 2.5% (25mg/ml) concentration
    • Infused with Indica or Sativa Terpenes
    • 10ml CBD needle tipped E-Liquid Bottle
    • Cannabis Flowers grown without pesticides herbicides or artificial fertilizer
    • CO2 extracted Cannabis extract
    • Contains 0% THC
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    What makes Love CBD Sativa & Indica E-liquid Great

    Love CBD developed a clean and simple E-liquid, with the unique terpenes found in the two biggest cannabis strains. Allowing it to capture the more complete experience you would get from these strains, and giving you a great unique vaping experience which Love CBD intended.

    Now in a New and Improved Needle Tipped bottle for easy Refills on the go!

    Ingredients:E-Liquid Base (50% Propylene Glycol, 50% Vegetable Glycerin), CBD & Terpenes. Contains 0% THC

    Suggested Usage: Use As Needed

    What Is This e-Liquid Compatible With?

    Love CBD's Sativa and Indica e liquid, is the same as and other vape juice, e juice. This means it's compatible with any traditional e-cigarette device or e-liquid compatible device you may have!

    Can I Mix Love CBD e-Liquids With Other e-Liquids?

    You can mix this CBD eliquid with any other e-liquid to CBD infuse your vape juice. Although most people vape only this e-liquid by itself for the CBD. We have known people who use the CBD to cut water-down their nicotine infused E-liquid, to make a unique mix of both CBD and nicotine.

     LoveCBD Indica & Sativa E liquids UK

    What Are Indica & Sativa?

    Indica and Sativa are the two main strains found in cannabis, the two variants of Love CBD sativa and indica E-Liquid uses the terpenes unique to the two strains, allowing you to receive the unique experiences which these two strains can offer.

    Sativa strains tend to be more uplifting & invigorating, While Indica tends to be more relaxing.

    Love CBD allows you to experience the unique make-up of these two strains and their unique terpene mixes, in their Love CBD Sativa and Indica e-liquids.

    Why is Love CBD so Popular? 

    It is obvious that Love CBD's passion for natural and quality CBD shines through in each and every one of their products. Their small selection of products means they can focus on ensuring their selection is of the best quality. They keep it simple by using only the best hemp and cannabis extracts and these e-liquids are a great example of just that. 

    New and improved needle tipped bottle:

    This is great for modern TDP compliant vapes like the aspire breeze 2 Vape that we sell, this makes it super easy to fill your vape with you Indica or Sative E-liquid on the go. Additionally, the plastic bottle is more durable and leak proof!

    Our Expert Opinion

    We truly think either flavour of these e-liquids are perfect for those who are looking to enjoy the benefits of indica or sativa strains in vaping. There are very few CBD e-liquids that even provide the option of choosing the strain used to create them and LoveCBD has not only given that option but also made sure they are a great strength with 250mg of CBD in a 10ml Bottle. Customers have commented that they particularly enjoy using the Sativa vape juice during the day and the Indica at night. If you are looking for a CBD vape oil that allows just that then the LoveCBD Sativa and Indica E-liquids is perfect for you. 

    However, if you are looking for a CBD e-liquid that comes in fun and unique flavours then this may not be the best option as they have a natural hemp flavour to them.


    E-liquid base (65% Propylene Glycol, 35% Vegetable Glycerin), CBD, Terpenes. Contains 0% THC

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