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    • Pre-Filled CBD Cartridges with standard 510 Threading
    • Available in two sizes:
      • 250mg of CBD in a Pre-Filled.5ml Cartridge
      • 500mg of CBD in a Pre-Filled 1ml Cartridge
    • Natural Flavour
    • Brimming with Phytocannabinoids and Terpenes
    • THC Content: 0%
    • Solvent Free
    • Pesticide Free
    • Third-Party Lab Tested
    • Certified Vegan
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    Koi Spectrum CBD Cartridge

    With Koi Spectrum CBD Vape Oil, you get an e-liquid with an amazingly natural taste and smell thanks to their multiphase extraction process; all in an easy to use pre-filled vape cartridge. Made from Koi’s PRIZM True Spectrum Distillate, the Koi CBD Cartridge gives you all the harmonious benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes to restore balance and enhance your well being. Like all the Koi CBD products, this contains 0% THC and has full traceability from start to finish of production.

    These pre-filled vape cartridges come with standard 510 threading so they will fit any standard vape pens or batteries. The Koi Spectrum CBD Cartridge is incredibly simple to use since it is already pre-filled with Koi Spectrum Vape Oil. Just screw the pre-filled CBD vape cartridge onto your vape pen and it’s ready to use!

    The proprietary true spectrum blend uses Koi CBD’s advanced PRIZM technology. This results in a CBD e-liquid filled with the highest naturally occurring phytocannabinoids and terpenes with absolutely no THC. Making it the perfect product for those who are not able to use Cannabidiol products with THC or have a sensitivity to it.

    Koi CBD is the number one trusted brand for natural CBD products in America and is quickly gaining the same recognition here in the UK. All of their products are third-party certified. Meaning, you can safely know exactly what is (and isn’t) in their products. They are certified vegan and free of any solvents, pesticides and THC.

      How to Use

      The Koi Spectrum CBD Cartridge is already pre-filled, so it’s as simple as screwing the cartridge to any vape pen that has 510 threading.

      Not sure what type of threading your vape pen has? While 510 threading is typically the standard across most vape products, if you are really unsure if this will fit your vape pen then we do sell vape pens that would work with this product.

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      Phytocannabinoid Rich True Spectrum PCR and MCT (Coconut Oil). Contains 0% THC

       Lab Reports