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    • Large 30ml Bottle keeps you vaping Cannabidiol longer!
    • Glass Dropper enables easy fast vape filling
    • Nicotine free
    • 60% VG / 40% PG 
    • Will work with any E-cigarette or Vape mod you may already own.
    • 5 great flavours and available in three concentrations:
      • 0.83% (8.3mg/ml) 250mg of cannabidiol in the whole bottle
      • 1.67% (16.7mg/ml) 500mg of cannabidiol in the whole bottle
      • 3.33% (33.3mg/ml) 1000mg of cannabidiol in the whole bottle
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    Koi CBD E-Liquids

    Koi CBD is the number one trusted brand for CBD, and for good reason. Being 100% natural with clean, safe, lab certified CBD containing 0% THC. Koi CBD shows their passion for precision-made and consistently safe products with the strictly controlled labs they operate and batch by batch reporting. Allowing you the user to feel rest assured that you are getting the purest, best CBD vaping experience you can get.

    We stock all 6 flavour variants of Koi CBD Originals in three concentrations, allowing you to tailor your CBD vaping experience to be exactly what you want.

      Flavour Profile descriptions

       Flavour Flavour description
      Blue Koi Sweet blue raspberry & dragon fruit blend
      Jade Koi A Tasty mix of refreshing watermelon & sour green apple
      Gold Koi Vanilla custard with a hint of creamy caramel
      Red Koi Succulent strawberry milkshake 
      Pink Koi Pink Lemonade with a sweet yet sour kick
      Purple Koi
      Tropical Popsicle, A refreshing Tropical blend of cherry, exotic lime & savoury California White-bark raspberries. The most popular of the discontinued Koi summers line.
      White Koi Flavourless, mix with other E-liquid for your own unique blend* or vape it alone

      *If you buy White Koi for mixing with another E-liquid of your choice, we would recommend buying a stronger variant as mixing it will lower its strength.

      Why is Koi CBD Popular?

      We find the taste of the vapour Koi CBD E-liquid produces is unrivalled. Many other CBD E-liquid producers offer minimal choice in flavour. With the closest in choice being Harmony CBD E-liquid. However, we find Koi Have just set the bar to a higher level with more inspired and unique flavours. We find anyone we recommend Koi to normally come back to try another bottle of Koi CBD E-liquid. 

      Furthermore, this is not the only collection of Koi CBD E-liquid flavours. We also stock their other two E-Liquids in our vaping collection:

      With additional flavours across each collection, Koi really are the kings of flavour!


      • 100% Natural CBD Isolate
      • Food Grade Vegetable glycerin
      • Propylene Glycol
      • Artificial flavourings
      • Contains 0% THC

      Storage advice: Store in a cool dry place away from light and humidity to preserve the quality of your product.

      Who is Koi CBD for?

      With there being a strong competition in the UK for CBD E-liquid, you may be wondering "Why should I buy Koi CBD E-liquid over the competition?" 

      Koi CBD offers a unique product with many benefits. First, we would recommend Koi CBD to those who already vape, and vape a lot. Due to the larger 30ml bottle, you will keep going longer. The majority of users of CBD vapes go through 10ml of e-liquid in anywhere from 3-4 weeks. This is mainly because there are no addictive additives (nicotine free) in CBD E-liquids, so they typically last longer than Nicotine E-liquids. 

      Buy Koi CBD e-Liquid uk

      Volume isn't Koi CBD's only benefit... They also have one of the largest ranges of flavours in their product line available in the UK. Many customers report to us they like the stronger taste of the Koi CBD, compared to other brands such as Harmony, which offer very focused flavours in regards to hemp. Koi CBD flavours are a lot more complex and developed, offering an interesting and unique vaping experience.  

      Our Expert Opinion

      Koi CBD provides a fantastic CBD vaping experience, with many fantastic flavours. Our Managing Director loves the Gold Koi CBD, so try what sounds most appealing to you as it will not disappoint!

      Koi also say that you can take this orally. However, we find the perfume flavours were designed for vaping making the oral taste quite strong, but not bad. If you are looking for a CBD product for oral consumption we would recommend the Koi CBD Naturals line you'll find in our oil collection. They were designed for oral consumption primarily, and have a much more balanced flavour selection for this purpose.

      What happened to Koi CBD Summers Vape Juice?

      Koi Summers was a limited run of summer flavours and is now discontinued. Don't worry! The widely popular and top seller of the line 'Tropical Popsicle' is now available as 'Purple Koi',as it has been brought into the main line due to its massive popularity!

      Suggested Use

      For Vaping:

      • Use the Vape juice directly in an E-liquid compatible vaporizer, and vape as required throughout the day to reach your target CBD intake.
      • Alternately, mix it with your preferred E-Liquid to make it a CBD enriched E-liquid. However, we would recommend using the flavourless 'White Koi CBD Vape Juice' for this as the flavours of two liquids may not be complimentary)

      As an Oral tincture:

      • Drip one full dropper of liquid under your tongue (approx. 1ml or 20 drops), and hold it there for 30 seconds then swallow, 1-3 times a day, or as needed
      • Then wait 3 hours after first use to see how the level of CBD affects you


       Do not use during pregnancy or if breastfeeding. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach from children.

      This product is Lab tested to ensure it is legal in the UK & Ireland.

       Lab Reports