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    • 16.7% Strength (250mg/1.5ml)
    • Easy snap in, disposable CBD Pod
    • 6 Flavours: Mango, Watermelon, Pink Chill, Apple Berry, Blood Orange, Tropical Fruit
    • All-Natural, hemp-derived cbd extract
    • Natural Flavoring
    • PG:VG Mix
    • Zero THC
    • GMO, Pesticide & Gluten Free
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    Ignite CBD Pods - for Ignite One CBD Vape

    The Ignite One Vaporizer is one of the most popular CBD Pod vape pens on the market. With 1.5ml of 16.7% CBD E Liquid in 6 unique flavors. This pre filled CBD Vape Pod works exclusively with the Ignite one Vaporizer, to produce an effective and strong vapor. Its super easy to use, just snap it into your ignite one vaporizer and suck.

    Each 3 second puff contains 2mg of CBD

    Ignite CBD Pod flavours

    Recharge -Energize, Refresh and get Excited

    • Tropical Fruit
    • Watermelon

    Lucid -Stay Clear and Balanced

    • Blood Orange
    • Apple Berry

    Calm -Relax, Unwind and Just Chill

    • Mango
    • Pink Chill


    All-natural, hemp-derived CBD extract, Natural flavoring, PG:VG Mix

    0% THC

    Recommended Dosage/Suggested Use

    Each 3 second puff contains 2mg of CBD, Take when desired. Do not exceed 75mg of cbd a day

    Our Expert opinion

    We find the Ingite One - CBD Pod Vape, is one of the most simple and popular entry points for someone to try CBD vaping and regularly vape, due to it’s super small discreet size, and powerful vapor. Furthermore, the range of flavours provide the variety many people desire when vaping which most other pod systems allow. Making it a better long  term vaping solution for many too.

    Lab Reports

    • Ignite CBD Pod - Calm - Pink Chill
    • Ignite CBD Pod - Calm - Bubblegum
    • Ignite CBD Pod - Calm - Mango
    • Ignite CBD Pod - Recharge - Tropical Fruit
    • Ignite CBD Pod - Recharge - Water Melon
    • Ignite CBD Pod - Lucid - Blood Orange
    • Ignite CBD Pod - Lucid - Apple Berry