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    • 4% Strength (1200mg/30ml)
    • 30ml Dropper Style Glass Bottle
    • 12000mg of CBD
    • 5 Flavours: Blood Orange, Tropical Fruit, Cucumber Lemon Mint, Lavender, Unflavoured
    • Water-Soluble MCT Oil Carrier 
    • Vegan-Friendly
    • GMO & Gluten-Free
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    Ignite CBD Oil Drops

    Ignite CBD Oil is a THC Free CBD Oil which is made to the highest quality available on the market, infused with essential oils to enhance the flavours and overall wellness experience. At 4% strength in a MCT carrier its a good low/mid strength CBD. Additionally, with it being watersoluble that means that more CBD will be readily able to be absorbed, so you will get more value for money out of the CBD in this oil over others which are carried in hemp oil.

    Why Buy Ignite CBD Oil Drops? 

    With a clear focus on excellence, the CBD is sourced from pesticide and GMO free, and enhanced with unique essential oils and essential oils for improved flavour and dosing experience. This makes Ignite CBD oil drops one of the best tasting CBD oils which is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those who follow a halal or gluten free diet. And with three versions there is a unique blend for everyone's desires:

    The Three Versions:

    • Calm - Relax, Unwind and just chill
      • Lavender
      • Cucumber Lemon Mint
    • Recharge - Energize, Refresh and get Excited
      • Tropical Fruit
    • Lucid -  Stay Clear and Balanced
      • Blood Orange
      • Unflavoured

    Created to compliment an active and busy lifestyle. Ignite has made great daily CBD

    Our Expert Opinions

    Ignite CBD oils are an excellent choice for someone who needs a THC free CBD oil, and due to strength it is a great product for experienced CBD and New CBD users. With its more unique flavors we find that people enjoy all the flavours. Especially since they are lightly sweetened with stevia. Making them not as bitter as many of Ignite cbd oil drops direct competition


    CBD Hemp Extact, Medium-chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil, essential oils, stevia

    0% THC

    Recommended Dosage/Suggested Use

    Follow recommended dosage as listed on the side of the box

    Lab Reports