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    • 1.5% Strength (300mg/20ml)
    • 20ml Dropper Style Bottle
    • Whole Plant Oil (Full Spectrum Extract)
    • Natural Carrier Oil (Blend of Sunflower and Rapeseed)
    • Certified Organic
    • Lab Tested
    • Dropper Bottle for Easy Dosage
    • Natural Flavour (Smooth and Earthy)
    • 15mg CBD per 1ml (1ml equates to roughly 10 drops)
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    CBD Oil from Hope CBD - A Quality Oil with 300mg CBD from Scotland

    The 300mg HopeCBD CBD Oil is described by the manufacturer as the perfect CBD Oil for beginners. This 20ml bottle is one of the manufacturer’s best-selling products and for good reason. Hope CBD use a C02 extraction method for their CBD oil, ensuring that their end product reaches the highest standards of CBD extraction.

    The hemp that is used to produce this oil is industrial hemp that has been sourced from certified organic farms across the EU. The CBD in this oil is a full spectrum extract, that includes all aromatic terpenes and is naturally rich in Omega Fatty Acids. To ensure the high standard of their final product, Hope CBD ensures that all their CBD oils are lab tested.

    The manufacturer Hope CBD describes themselves as “Providing the Best CBD Oil in Scotland Since 2017”. Their company was founded in 2017, just outside of Glasgow in Hamilton. Ever since then, they are striving to lead the global CBD movement in Scotland and the UK by providing legal and authentic CBD products.

    Is it your first time using CBD?

    If it is your first time using CBD, this is a great product to start with, as the Hope CBD CBD Oil has a relatively low to moderate strength. When it comes to dosing your CBD, you should “Start Low and Grow”. As all humans metabolise differently, Hope CBD suggest users use the following guidelines when finding the right dose of CBD:

    • Week 1: Try 1 Drop, 3 x Daily
    • Week 2: Try 2 Drops, 3 x Daily
    • Week 3 Try 3 Drops, 3 x Daily
    • Week 4: Try 4 Drops, 3 x Daily
    • Week 5: Try 5 Drops, 3 x Daily

    When you have reached the desired effect of CBD for your individual body, you will have reached your ideal CBD dosage.

    Full Spectrum, why does that matter?

    Full-spectrum extraction means that not only CBD has been extracted from the hemp, but also other valuable chemical components of the plant. These other components include terpenes, which are the component that gives a plant or fruit a specific aroma or smell. The earthy flavour and pine taste of natural CBD oil is created through the terpenes.

    Additionally, a full-spectrum CBD oil will also include nutritious omega acids from the plants. Finally, hemp plants have over 100 different cannabinoids, with CBD being one of the most common ones. A full spectrum extract does not only extract the CBD from the plant, but it also extracts a variety of other cannabinoids as well. Other cannabinoids include CBN, CBG, CBC and many more. All cannabinoids have their own properties and work best together in synergy.


    • Plant Oil: This is a blend of Sunflower Oil and Rapeseed Oil
    • 300mg of CBD Extract (Full Spectrum)
    • Alpha-Tocopherol

    The Hemp CBD CBD Oil is made of full-spectrum hemp extract. For this reason, the oil also contains other cannabinoids apart from CBD. These other cannabinoids include CBC, CBG and also trace elements of D9-THC (<0.2%).

    Recommended Dosage

    Like all CBD products, this CBD Oil should be taken slowly, and the dosage increased gradually until the desired effect is noticed. Start with 3 drops, 3 times a day and gradually build your intake up.