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    • 5% Strength (1000mg/20ml)
    • 20ml needle-nosed bottle
    • 4 Flavours:
      • Menthol Blasts
      • Super Lemon Haze
      • Blueberry Burst
      • Strawberry Dreams
    • Non-GMO
    • Vegan Friendly
    • Gluten-Free
    • Discreet
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    HopeCBD E-Liquid

    HopeCBD is a company from Scotland, just outside Glasgow. A small company that has always kept quality in mind and provide a product that exceeds expectations. Like many other companies in the CBD industry, what makes HopeCBD stand out within’ the CBD industry and market is their unwavering focus and commitment to the quality of their products.

    HopeCBD uses Full-Spectrum CBD Oil in their products, instead of hemp oil. All of their products have been tested in an independent lab to show transparency and what exactly is in each and every one of their products. Displaying the quality of their products and full-spectrum CBD extract.

    Along with providing third party lab-reports, they also guarantee a high production value with quality control is one of their main priorities.

    Hope CBD has a range of CBD E-Liquids, all with their own unique flavours. Each E-Liquid comes in a 20ml bottle and they’ve all been dosed at 1000mg per bottle. With a ratio of 70% VG and 30% PG.

    HopeCBD E-Liquid Flavours:

    HopeCBD has a range of 4 E-Liquids, all with their own unique flavour while staying consistent with a CBD dosage of 1000mg

    Menthol Blasts is a truly fresh and icy menthol flavour. With a refreshing minty aroma that will absolutely bring life to your taste buds. Many people who vape will be accustomed to this flavour as it is a classic through the vaping world.

    Super Lemon Haze brings you an amazing citrus flavour with powerful zesty flavours. Providing a more classic taste of cannabis undertones to form very much enjoyed E-Liquid that many have grown to like over the years.

    Blueberry Burst is an invigorating vape that brings a sweet but ripe flavour with a sweet odour that is truly irresistible to those who are after a more fruity taste with their vaping experience.

    Strawberry Dreams provides a sweet medley of fresh strawberry followed by a sweet yet dreamy flavour that would grab the attention to any person that vapes.


    Propylene glycol (70%), Vegetable glycerine(30%), CBD 1000mg, below 0.2% THC

    Vaping CBD

    Due to its discreet nature and how easy it is to fill on the go, the vaping of CBD is one of the fastest-growing methods to take CBD. HopeCBD advises that users only use this in a separate vaping device or tank and not to use this strawberry e-liquid as an additive.

    Directions of use

    Vapes at 40Watts Maximum

    HopeCBD recommends to vape 3-5 Gentle Puffs 3-5 times daily

    If filled into a 2ml tank this equals a dose of 100mg CBD in the overall tank.