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    • 670mg of CBDA in 150ml Jar = 0.45%
    • One serving (1tsp) Contains 10.4mg CBD
    • Organic, Full Spectrum Honey Free of Pesticides, Herbicides and Fertilisers
    • Eat as is or infused in food and drinks
    • Vegetarian-Friendly
    • Gluten Free
    • No Added Sugars or Syrups
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    About Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Hemp Honey

    Holistic Hemp Scotland is a small but up and coming company dedicated to providing high-quality CBD and Hemp products. All the hemp used is from reputable artisan farms within the EU free of artificial pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. Honey is considered to be a prime source for delivering herbal medicines in Ayurvedic tradition due to it being one of the most easily digested forms of carbohydrates. So Holistic Hemp decided to infuse it with CBD, and they did it well because this is one of the most potent CBD Hemp Honeys on the market! This Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Honey contains 670mg of CBD in a 150ml jar. Their delicious raw honey is infused with raw trichomes to deliver a truly unique, full spectrum, CBD rich, thick and luxurious organic honey. The honey used is from a small, family-run bee farm in Lithuania, and only the highest grade hemp plants are used to make a perfect match. The beautiful Lithuanian countryside provides flowers and meadows that result in a Honey blend that includes 44% Forest Flowers Honey, 44% Buckwheat Honey and 12% added trichomes from high quality, organic hemp plant material. This product is an amazing edible and can be easily consumed raw or infused with other cooking recipes, smoothies, tea, coffee and baked treats.

    Recommended Storage:

    Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children.


    • 365g Raw Organic Honey
    • 667.95mg CBDA
    • 36.5mg CBCA
    • 14.6mg CBGA
    • 10.95mg CBD
    • 7.3mg CBDVA
    • 21.9mg THCA (0.06%)
    Please do not exceed the recommended daily dose of 200mg