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    • Harmony's premium CBD Vaping Experience Refined
    • Super Simple pod vaporizer
    • 6 great flavours to choose from
    • The battery needs less than an hour to completely charge and can hold up to one full day of vaping
    • Pods come pre-filled with 10% CBD (106mg/1ml)
    • Refillable pods can be reused up to 4 times reliably
    • Charges via micro USB
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      More About the Harmony Tempo Vaporizer

      Harmony's Tempo Vaporizer is their newest and most refined vape fresh. Hitting the market like a storm in its mid 2020 release. This vape is harmonys most durable but discreet and easy to use vapes to date. which simple interchangeable pods pre-filled and ready to go out of the box with harmony's flagship and crowd favourites. So you are sure to find the right flavour for you.

      Harmony CBD TEMPO Vape POD UK

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      The Refillable the pod

      One of the best features of the harmony tempo vaporizer is the Refillable pods, Not only does this make it one of the most eco-friendly pod vaporizer but it also makes it a lot more affordable!

      How to refill the pod:

      1. Remove the pod from the vapoirzer

      2. Carefully open up the silcone plug on the bottom of the pod (make sure this is upwards)
      3. Add your favourite cbd eliquid to the pod 4 5ths full, and reseal the plug.
      4. Wait 5 minutes for the pod to absorb the eliquid into the tempo pod atomizer.
      5. Place back into your tempo Vaporizer and vape away!

      You should only re-ruse a pod 4 times or if you taste a burnt taste.

      Whats included:

      Device only:

      • 1 Harmony CBD Tempo Pod Vape device
      • 1 micro USB to USB A Charging Cable

      In the Vape starter kit:

      • 1 Harmony CBD Tempo Pod Vape device
      • 1 micro USB to USB A Charging Cable
      • 3 pre-filled (10% CBD), refillable tempo vape pods 

      Harmony Tempo Vape UK