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    • 3 pack of Pods
    • Pre-filled with Premium 10% Harmony CBD
    • Refillable upto four times
    • compatible with the Harmony Tempo Vaporizer
    • refill with any CBD E liquid
    • 74mg of CBD per pod (222mg per 3 pack)
    • Super easy and ready to use straight out of the box
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    Flavours of Harmony Tempo Pods Available:

    • OG Kush
    • Mango Kush
    • Lemon Haze
    • Mint
    • Strawberry 
    • Pink Lemonade

    Also available in 3 pack of any flavour!

    How to Refill Harmony Tempo Vape pods

    1. Remove pod from vape
    2. Open silicone plug on the bottom of the vape
    3. top up 4/5 full and seal
    4. leave for 5 minutes to soak into pod atomizer
    5. plug into vape and use as normal!

    **Replace pod every four uses or when taste a burnt taste**