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    • Comes in 3 Strengths:
      • 100mg CBD + 4mg CBG
      • 300mg CBD + 6mg CBG
      • 1000mg CBD + 8mg CBG
    • 30ml Dropper Style Bottle
    • Made with European Hemp Extract
    • Broad Spectrum
    • Natural Hemp Flavour
    • Chemical Solvent-Free
    • Lab Tested
    • Certificate Analysis Available w/ QR Code on Package
    • 0% THC
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    Premium CBD Oil by Harmony CBD

    Harmony has a new best-seller in the making with their Premium CBD Oil made with specially selected European hemp extract. Harmony is a brand set on offering the world the purest broad-spectrum CBD oil, and they’re doing an incredible job of it.

    Harmony CBD is a brand that focuses on 100% natural ingredients for their products, and who always designs and creates CBD products with every user in mind. Their products range from their Premium CBD Oil and to the UK’s #1 CBD Vape Liquid range. They’re versatile, high quality and our customers love their products.

    This Premium CBD Oil by Harmony is a Broad Spectrum oil that is vegan, non-GMO, made with organic ingredients and easy to dose throughout the day. Not to mention, it also comes in 3 strengths to offer something for everyone.

    Harmony CBD isn’t the only CBD brand on the market creating a Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, but they’re definitely one of our top picks. It is perfect for people looking for a  CBD oil that they can take throughout the day, without worrying about getting any THC in their bodies. Great for beginners, and great for experts -- Harmony’s Premium CBD Oil has it all.

    Harmony Premium CBD Oils

    Why Choose Harmony Natural CBD Oil

    Here at Bloom Botanics, we want the CBD products that we sell to be the best of the best, and we always want to offer you products that we know fit the bill. This Premium CBD Oil by Harmony is exactly that - and more.

    Harmony is already well known for their superior CBD E-liquids, so you know you can expect the same exceptional quality with this Premium CBD Oil. They chose to make a Broad Spectrum CBD Oil as many of their customers were concerned about THC in CBD products. 

    Broad Spectrum CBD oil is kind of like the best of both worlds for a CBD Oils. It still contains many of the cannabinoids that a Full Spectrum product would, but is also completely free of THC. Making it the perfect solution for anyone who is sensitive to THC products. 


    1. One serving = 1ml. Take between 1 to 3 servings a day. To do this, fill the dropper with CBD Oil, squeeze the dropper and hold it under your tongue for around 30-60 seconds. After, swallow the CBD Oil and wash it down with a drink of your choice.
    2. You Can Adjust the Dosage Depending on Your Preferences. Some people prefer to take less CBD, more often (microdosing); and other people like to take more CBD, less often. So depending on what you need, you can adjust your intake.


    Organic Olive Oil, MCT Oil, Hemp Extract (Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract), CBD. This product contains 0% THC.

    Lab Reports