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    • 1ml Cartridge with 100 mg of CBD (10% = 100mg/ml)
    • 2 Great Flavours: OG Kush & Moroccan Mint
    • Third party Lab Tested & Certified Concentrations
    • 0% THC
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    Fast and Easy to Use Pre-Filled CBD Cartridges with a 510 Threading!

    The Harmony CBD Vape Pen UK Starter Kit is an extremely popular vaping kit for beginners and long term vapers alike. What do you do when your cartridge runs out though? The great thing about the Harmony Kits is you can just unscrew your old cartridge and pop on a new one. No hassle of trying to fill your vape pen and making a mess. The Harmony Pre-Filled CBD Cartridge has a 510 threading so not only will it fit the Harmony Vape Pen, but it will also be compatible with most 510 threaded vaporizers. 

    If you can adjust the wattage on your device we recommend using a lower wattage due to the CBD being at a strength of 10%. We do not recommend refilling these cartridges as they were designed to be disposable and would be very susceptible to leaking. The coil provided in them also only have a minimal lifetime. 

    This is for the Harmony Vape Pen Kit! but will work with any 510 threaded vaporizer!

    harmony cbd vape pen cartridge

    Quality CBD E-Liquid!

    The CBD E-Liquid used in the Harmony CBD Pre-Filled Cartridges (510 threading) is of the highest quality and strength. With a 10% concentration (100mg/ml) you need to vape significantly less to consume the same amount CBD found in many other E Liquids. This means with one inhale you could consume the same amount of CBD as 10 inhales of weaker 1% CBD E-liquids. This is great for those people who want to take only a few puffs to reach their target CBD intake. With less vaping overall, the battery and your e-liquid last longer than you would expect, especially for its small size.


    The Harmony Pre-Filled CBD Cartridge flavours are:

    Moroccan Mint - Has a strong natural peppermint taste, similar to that you would find in an 'After Eight' after dinner mint!

    Original Hemp - Captures the taste of the Flower the cannabidiol is extracted from. This is a natural organic taste. The taste is not like if you smoked the hemp flower, it resembles more the aromas you would find in a tea of the Hemp flower. So its a lot more subtle and clean of a taste


    Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, CBD, Flavouring. Contains Carvone and De-Limonene

    Shake before use. Do not drink. 

    Lab report

    10% (100mg/10ml)