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    • 3% 10ml bottle (300mg CBD total)
    • 500mg of whole plant extract per bottle
    • Meticulously crafted blend of Sativa and Indica plants
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    What Makes The Original Alternative Gold Edition Oil Shine?

    The Original Alternative, claim their Gold Edition Oil to be one of their greatest products yet. Why, you ask? Well... this product utilises The Original Alternative's Full Spectrum Cannabis Hybrid Whole Plant Extract that contains 60% CBD. This whole plant extract comes from selected female flowers from cannabis sativa plants, grown in carefully controlled environments to maximise cannabinoid content and to ensure the industry-leading quality that The Original Alternative are known for.   

    That's not all either. This extract is then combined with The Original Alternative's own hand-pressed Indica rosin. This rosin is a meticulously crafted, by selecting only the finest organic cannabis flowers which they grow, and then pressing them at the optimum pressure and temperature to ensure that they collect all the invaluable cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and essential oils possible.

    Their super-concentrated mixture is then diluted to make the Gold Edition Oil using cold-pressed hemp seed oil. This ensures the optimal cannabinoid absorption in your body while making the right strength for practical usage. 


    • 500mg Whole Plant Extract
    • 9500mg Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil
    • Total THC Content: 0.073%


    • 190-200 drops per bottle (1.5mg of CBD per drop)
    • place 2-3 drops under the tongue once a day, hold it there for 60 seconds then swallow.
    • Increase dosage incrementally to find a dose which suits you
    • Do not consume more than 200mg of CBD per day
    • We recommend having a drink to wash down the Gold CBD Oil 

    Storage recommendations

    Store in a cool dry place out of direct light, keep the lid on the bottle when not in use to ensure longer shelf life.