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    • 510 Threading is compatible with most vape pens
    • Ceramic Heating Coil
    • 1ml Capacity
    • Materials: Pyrex Glass, Stainless Steel Base + Ceramic Drip Tip Mouthpiece
    • Packaged in a plastic safety tubs
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    Do I even need to change my Cartridge?

    You may think you are saving money by using the same cartridge over and over, but at some point, you have to replace your old vape cartridge/atomizer for a new one. It's no gimmick, it's for better performance and good hygiene. Just like coils burn out in other vapes, these types of cartridges will too. You actually burn through more juice when you use an old cartridge that is burned out! Buy your replacement cartridge right here and retain the quality and efficiency of your vape juice!

    With industry-standard 510 threading, this empty vape pen cartridge will fit most slimline vape pens and can be easily filled with your favourite distillate or e-liquid. With a 1ml capacity, you'll be able to enjoy more your vape juices for longer and not need to refill as often. This cartridge is compatible with all e-liquids including our vast selection of CBD E-liquids. The ceramic coil and drip tip mouthpiece not only provide a clean vaping experience but also don't get too hot to create a better flavour with your vape juices. 

    Usage Tips

    • After filling with your vape juice, wait 15 minutes before first use to prep the atomizer
    • These empty vape pen cartridges are low resistance and are only meant for low power usage. Do not use on high power with bigger battery mods or you will burn out the coil right away.


    Coil Type Ceramic Wickless Cell
    Oil Hole Size 2.0 mm
    Dimensions 62 mm (Length) x 10 mm (diameter)
    Threading 510
    Capacity 1.0 ml
    Resistance 1.2 ohm
    Materials Ceramic Drip Tip, Ceramic Coil, Glass Tube