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    • 30ml dropper bottle, easy for consumption
    • 1.1% (500mg) - 2.2% (1000mg) Strength Broad Spectrum CBD
    • Natural and Peppermint Flavours
    • THC Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Certified Vegan
    • Pesticide Free
    • Easy to take and go
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    CUBID CBD Oil Drops

    CUBID CBD made it their mission to lead a CBD revolution while delivering a range of CBD products that stood in a league of their own. The CUBID CBD Oil Drops do just that, by offering you vegan-friendly, gluten-free CBD Oils free from pesticides.

    CUBID CBD uses what they call a "seed to shelf" approach with all of their products. This is done by sourcing only the highest quality ingredients, such as their hemp-derived CBD (free of THC), natural botanicals and essential oils. 

    The CUBID CBD Oil Drops have a 65% CBD concentration of 500mg - 1000mg per 30ML bottle that comes in two flavours. With the Natural, you’ll expect to experience the traditional botanical hemp flavour for those seeking a more down to earth taste. While the Peppermint flavour was designed for those who would prefer something to disguise the hemp taste with their CBD Oils. 

    Traditionally taken under the tongue, these drops are designed to be rapidly absorbed through the mucosal membrane which is located under the tongue and brought through to the bloodstream.

    Ideal for those seeking a fast and convenient way to get their daily dose.

    CUBID Vegan CBD Oil Drops

    Our Expert Opinion

    CUBID CBD describes their CBD Oil Drops as a proprietary Full Spectrum CBD that has been designed for the oral user. However, as these are THC free yet still contain other cannabinoids, Bloom Botanics would classify these as Broad Spectrum.

    Broad Spectrum CBD is a great option for anyone who is looking for all the benefits of a CBD Oil that also contains other cannabinoids but do not want any THC. This is because Full Spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC (no more than 0.2%), so for those who cannot take any THC at all, the CUBID CBD Oil Drops are the perfect solution.


    Natural: Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil, Cannabis Sativa L, Contains 0% THC

    Peppermint: Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil, Cannabis Sativa L, Mentha Piperita, Contains 0% THC