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    • 350mAh Battery
    • Can be charged over 300 times.
    • USB Charger
    • Metal Carry Case
    • Pen features include: Standby mode, LED indicator, Healthy 5 second power-off function, Low-voltage alarm system and Easy charging process
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    Why Choose the CBDLife Vape Pen Battery Kit?

    The CBD Life Vape Pen Battery Kit is designed to make vaping CBD on the go as simple as possible. Just screw on the cartridge filled with the e-liquid of your choice and start vaping. Once the battery starts to get low, screw on the USB charger and plug it in to charge up. 

    You can use your own cartridges that use standard 510 threading, or we also have pre-filled cartridges available that are ready to be used right away. These pen style vape batteries are by far the easiest way to vape your favourite CBD e-liquid (or any e-liquid for that matter). 

    Comes with a handy pocket-sized metal case to take on the go and keep your vape pen safe. 

    How To Use

    First charge the battery with the USB charger provided. Then, screw on the cartridge of your choice with a 510 threading. If you are using a prefilled cartridge you can start vaping right away. If the cartridge has not been filled with e-liquid, then fill it and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then enjoy! Recharge as needed.