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    • 90% CBD Isolate with 10% Terpenes
    • 0% THC
    • 500mg of Product
    • 3 Flavour Profiles: Pineapple Express, Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue
    • Vegan
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    Why use Terpene Infused Isolates?

    The way CBD Crystals are produced means all of the beneficial terpenes from the plant have been filtered out. When the Terpenes have been filtered, it actually eliminates one of the critical elements to the therapeutic CBD experience. Just like lavender terpenes create an aromatic and relaxing experience, cannabis and hemp terpenes do the same. CBDLife has created this Terpene Infused Isolate using a refined hemp extract that is then infused Cannabis Terpene profiles. Many people will use these isolates in various ways including cooking, infuse them with oils or e-liquids and adding them to creams, but the most popular way to use Terpene Infused Isolates is with CBD Dabs. 

    CBD Dabs is just heating up a CBD concentrate like this with a dab pen so that it can be turned into a vapour that can be inhaled. Many people prefer to Dab their CBD because Isolates are very strong and it allows them to get a very small yet concentrated and potent dose of the CBD. 

    CBDLife's Terpene Infused Isolates have been infused with the terpene profiles of popular cannabis strains and contain zero THC. The three flavours available are Pineapple Express, Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue. They come in a 500mg plastic storage pot with a removable silicone liner to ensure freshness.

    How to Use Terpene Infused Isolates

    Many people are very intimidated to use CBD Crystals, but they are actually extremely versatile. They can be used in a multitude of ways including:

    • CBD Dabs
    • DIY E-Liquid or CBD Infused Oil
    • Adding to a cream or lotion for topical use
    • Making your own edibles.

    If you would like to know more about how to use Terpene Infused CBD Crystals please check out our How to Use CBD CrystalsBlog

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