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    CBD Joints-Muscles Bundle

    Need to target your CBD application? Want an easy way to consume a uniform dose of CBD? This bundle is for you. In this bundle, we include some of our favourite CBD capsules, which are sure to give you an easy way to keep on top of your CBD consumption, while offering another more localised method to apply CBD to where you need it most. Together they reach your target areas in multiple ways ensuring you get the most CBD to those points possible!

    What's Included?

    Herts hemp capsules

    Hert Hemp CBD Capsules

    • 30 High Strength Capsules per pack
    • Full spectrum CBD
    • 25mg CBD + CBDa per capsule (750mg per pack)
    • Up & coming UK brand
    • Read the full Herts Hemp CBD capsules product description here
    • Learn more about Herts Hemp and see their full range!

    Love CBD Balm

    Love CBD Balm

    • The Highest Strength CBD Balm/Cream we carry
    • Full Spectrum CBD
    • Larger 30g Jar will last you longer
    • Popular Established UK brand
    • Read the full Love CBD Balm product description here

    What Makes This Bundle A Great Deal?

    On top of being great high strength full spectrum CBD products, we also offer a Discount on the bundle, with this bundle you get:

    • a £5 Discount on buying the products separately
    • Free UK Shipping
    • A free tree plant donation by One Tree Planted