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    • 1000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
    • Fully Rechargeable
    • Refillable and Interchangeable Vape Cartridge
    • Single-Button Operation
    • Cartridge Made with Ceramic, Glass, and Steel
    • Compact Design at Only 4in (10.16cm) Tall
    • Lightweight
    • Made Specifically for Vaping CBD
    • Vapes at Low Temperatures
    • Suitable for Everyday Use
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    CBD Fx Vape Kit: A Supreme CBD Vaping Experience

    Are you looking for the perfect vape kit to start your CBD vaping journey? You’ve found it! The CBD Fx Vape Kit is an extraordinary example of what happens when you mix one of the world’s best CBD e-liquid designers and first-class technology.

    This vape kit was designed by CBD Fx, who has one the USA’s most well-established lines of CBD vape products available. It’s quite easy to see why their vaporizer kit is one of the best because they know exactly what a technology a good CBD e-liquid needs to shine!

    Made from the highest quality materials, and designed with the easiest and most enjoyable experience in mind, the CBD Fx Vaping Kit is everything you need and more to start making the most out of your CBD vape journey!

    About the CBD Fx CBD Vape Kit

    This is a CBD Fx designed vaporizer, made specifically for CBD lovers to be able to enjoy their CBD in an easy and enjoyable way. First things first, its 1000mAh Lithium-Ion battery has a great amount of power to keep you going throughout the day, preventing the CBD from reaching excessive temperatures.

    The fact that this is a vaporizer designed specifically for vaping CBD means that it will give you an optimal vaping experience with any CBD e-liquid, every single time you use it, and that’s a very unique feature! On top of that, when combined with CBD Fx CBD e-liquids, your experience is guaranteed to be the best available!

    The vaporizer itself is made from steel, which makes it practically indestructible, and allows you to enjoy your vape kit for a much longer time than others made with less durable materials. Its cartridge is made with a non-removable ceramic coil and encased in a steel cage, framed with glass.

    Why Choose CBD Fx?

    CBD Fx simply excels at all that they do. Their extensive CBD knowledge has taken them to the top of the world’s CBD market, and they have applied this expertise in many different ways, including the creation of their CBD Vape Kit.

    CBD Fx is serious about maintaining quality throughout their entire collection of products, and their CBD Vape Kit is a great example of this. From the growth of their CBD hemp plants to their CBD extraction process, all the way to the making of their beautifully varied product collection, quality prevails, and we love this about CBD Fx.

    When you choose CBD Fx you can rest assured that you’re in the best hands possible and that your CBD experience will be the best it can be. You’ll enjoy your CBD journey with CBD Fx, trust us!

    How to Use the CBD Fx Vape Kit

    1. Fill the vape cartridge with CBD e-liquid by unscrewing the top portion, and then screwing it on after it’s full to the 1ml line.
    2. Pop the cartridge back in.
    3. Press the button to vape, and then release the button after you inhale.
    4. You can adjust the airflow on the cartridge at the top if necessary. A narrower air hole means denser, tastier vape, and a wider air hole means larger vape clouds and less intensity.
    5. If the vapor starts tasting a little burnt, or you’re simply not getting enough vapor anymore, it’s time to change the vape cartridge for a new one.