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    • Comes in 4 CBD Strengths:
      • 0.6% (60mg / 10ml)
      • 1.2% (120mg / 10ml)
      • 3% (300mg / 10ml)
      • 5% (500mg / 10ml)
    • 10ml per Dropper Bottle
    • Full Spectrum CBD
    • Made from Organically Grown Hemp Plants
    • Manufactured in FDA Registered Facility
    • USA Made
    • Unflavoured
    • Beautiful Addition to Any E-liquid
    • No THC
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    CBD Fx Vape Additive: Vaping at its Best

    If you like vaping, you’ll love the CBD Fx Hemp Additive. You can add it to any of your favourite flavoured or unflavoured e-liquids, and boost your experience! They come in 4 CBD strengths ranging from low (0.6%) to high (5%), and they allow you to add CBD to any of your favourite e-liquids!

    We love CBD Fx Hemp Additive because it gives everyone the chance to add CBD to their favourite e-liquids, and it also allows a lot of flexibility in terms of CBD strength. This makes it possible for anyone and everyone to start their CBD journey through vaping, without having to give up their favourite e-liquid flavours.

    Why Use CBD Fx Hemp Additive?

    One of the best things about this e-liquid CBD additive is that it is so versatile. It is unflavoured, so it pairs beautifully with practically any e-liquid, though some say it pairs the best with sweet and fruity e-liquids. This means that regardless of what e-liquid you add it to, you’ll be more than happy with the results!

    Another great feature of CBD Fx Hemp Additive is that it is made with organically grown hemp plants, CO2 extracted from these plants and then made in an FDA registered facility. This ensures the highest quality CBD, the best quality ingredients, and exquisite quality control throughout the whole entire process.

    When using this Hemp Additive, you are able to custom-make your own CBD experience using your favourite e-liquids and your prefered CBD dosage. Though there may be other e-liquid CBD additives on the market, this is hands-down one of the best of the best, and we know you’ll love using it!

    What Makes CBD Fx Stand Out?

    CBD Fx is world-renowned for their incredible way with CBD e-liquids and other CBD products. This is partly thanks to their amazing formulas and product design, and partly thanks to the amazing quality of the ingredients they use in these products.

    They make everything from CBD oil to CBD e-liquid to CBD edibles, and everything in between; and it’s easy to say that every one of their products is as high quality as the next. We believe that their CBD sourcing and extraction processes are to thank for this.

    The hemp that is used in all of CBD Fx’s products is organically grown in the USA, and is grown in top-notch facilities and cared for by true professionals. This makes a big difference in the quality of CBD itself, and this translates beautifully in every one of their CBD products.

    One of CBD Fx’s specialities is CBD vape products, and this is very apparent when looking into their incredible selection of Hemp Additive. The formula is smooth, it vapes beautifully, and it is easily mixed into any e-liquid formula.

    How to use CBD Fx Hemp Additive

    Using CBD Fx Hemp Additive is quite simple, but we always advise you to read the label instructions, especially since these change depending on the CBD strength you purchase. However, here are the basics:

    1. Fill your vaporizer’s tank almost to the top with your preferred e-liquid.
    2. If you have a low CBD strength bottle, add anywhere between a few drops to half a dropper to the tank. If you have a strong CBD strength bottle, add a few drops only.
    3. Close the tank, turn it upside down and then upright a few times to mix the e-liquids together.
    4. Vape away and enjoy.
    5. Remember you can adjust the amount of Hemp Additive you put into the mixture depending on how you feel. If you find yourself using a large amount of low CBD strength Additive, then we might suggest trying the next highest CBD dosage to save product and save money!


  • 0.6% (60mg / 10ml): Every 10ml bottle contains 60ml of full spectrum CBD.
  • 1.2% (120mg / 10ml): Every 10ml bottle contains 120mg of full spectrum CBD.
  • 3% (300mg / 10ml): Every 10ml bottle contains 300mg of full spectrum CBD.
  • 5% (500mg / 10ml): Every 10ml bottle contains 500mg of full spectrum CBD.
  • Ingredients

    Proprietary blend of Cannabidiol CBD, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin. 0% THC.

     Lab Reports