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    • Available in 2 sizes:
      • 30 Capsules - 300mg (10mg of CBD in each capsule)
      • 60 Capsules - 600mg (10mg of CBD in each capsule)
    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Packed with CO2 extracted full spectrum CBD
    • Infused with Inulin (a natural plant-derived dietary fibre)
    • Vegan-friendly (gelatin-free)
    • Herbicide free
    • Pesticide-free
    • Vegan-friendly (gelatin-free)
    • Slowly released for prolonged effects
    • Created to help you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle
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    FourFive CBD Capsules: What You’ve Been Waiting For

    Do you want to take CBD, but don’t want to deal with dosing CBD oil every day? Why not try FourFive CBD Capsules! Made from all-natural ingredients, and designed by star athletes George Kruis and Dom Day (both of whom have firsthand experience with the healing powers of CBD), these capsules allow you to take full-spectrum CBD without the hassle of measuring out doses.

    The FourFive CBD Capsules use a high quality-full spectrum CBD that has been C02 extracted and have infused it with inulin powder. Allowing your body to easily absorb and digest the CBD, and it also stays in your system for a longer time than, CBD oil.

    These CBD capsules will fit perfectly into your hectic schedule - not only do they allow you to measure each dose accurately, but they also come in 2 different sizes: 30 Capsules or 60 Capsules.

    FourFive CBD Capsules

    Why are CBD Capsules so Popular?

    We’re all busy! The average person living in the UK only has about 73 minutes a day to themselves between work, chores and other engagements. It’s not a lot, is it? With only 73 precious minutes for yourself scattered throughout the day, adding new things to your routine can be challenging. However, adding CBD to your daily life doesn’t have to be - when you use CBD capsules.

    They’re so easy to take that you can do it in less than 30 seconds, and be back on track. Not to mention that their slow-release design is perfect for prolonging the amount of time the Cannabidiol is in your body and minimising the need to keep taking CBD throughout the day.


    Full Spectrum CBD, Inulin, Vegetable Capsule. Contains less than 0.2% THC