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    • 10mg of CBD in each sachet
    • 50g Packet
    • Relaxing way to enjoy CBD
    • Himalayan Salt and Dead Sea Salts
    • Essential Oils
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    Provacan CBD Bath Salts

    What’s the perfect ingredient in every relaxing bath? CBD bath salts, of course! The good news? Provacan just created CBD bath salts which are made from pure and simple ingredients, and finished with the highest quality -- and it shows!

    These CBD bath salts contain 10mg of CO2 extracted CBD in each 50g sachet. Not only is it packed with organic CBD, but it is also made from the purest salts, mimicking the purifying experience of soaking in the Dead Seas of Israel and Jordan.

    How to Use Provacan CBD Bath Salts

    1. Fill your bathtub half-way with warm water.
    2. Empty one full 50g sachet into the water and stir for even distribution.
    3. Immerse yourself in your luxurious bath, and enjoy!
    4. Light some candles and put on your favourite relaxing playlist for an even better experience!

    Here at Bloom Botanics, we love to provide wellness and relaxation to our clients, and these bath salts are just what we all need every once in a while. We know you deserve a rejuvenating and relaxing bath every once in a while. That’s why you deserve Provacan’s CBD Bath Salts.

    Why Use Provacan CBD Bath Salts?

    Relaxing and having some me-time is absolutely essential in a busy lifestyle. It’s important to take a break and make sure you’re letting yourself relax and have some peaceful moments to yourself.
    Where is it better to do that then in a nice warm bath? Well, you can now have you me-time, while also experiencing the benefits of using bath salts such as smoother and rejuvenated skin, relaxed muscles, and an overall better bathtime experience!


    Hemp Extract, Dead Sea Salts, Himalayan Salts, Polysorbate, Essential Oils.