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    • 60ML
    • Approximately 25 Servings
    • 25mg of CBD in Each Serving
    • Approximately 1% Strength (25mg x 25 is 625mg in a 60ml Bottle = 1.04%)
    • Water-Soluble
    • Higher bio-availability than traditional oil. So more CBD is absorbed and used!
    • Flavourless
    • Full Spectrum Terpenes Added
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    What is the CBD Asylum CBD Pro Shot?

    CBD Asylum is one of the UK's most exciting up and coming brands to enter the CBD market. Their unique and innovative products have been creating quite the stir, especially the CBD Pro Shot, which you can stir into any drink! This is basically a water-soluble Beverage Enhancer/CBD Juice that you can mix with any drink. The CBD Pro Shot was designed for people who want to get the full range of CBD benefits without missing a beat. It is completely flavourless making it easy to add to absolutely anything, whether it be water, coffee, tea, food or your post work out shake. The CBD pro shot is one of the most versatile and easy to use CBD supplements on the market. Just squeeze the bottle for one second into whatever you like to receive a 25mg serving of CBD. All of CBD Asylum's products are made from CBD Isolates and are completely organic, meaning all of their products contain zero THC. 


    Squeeze for 1 second into a drink of your choice for CBD enhancement. 


    Water Soluble CBD, Full Spectrum Terpenes, Purified Water (Contains 0% THC)