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    • Botanical Rose Raspberry Lemonade Flavour
    • 2.5mg of Full Spectrum CBD in Every Bottle
    • 100% EU Grown Full Spectrum Hemp Goodness
    • Natural Ingredients
    • NO Artificials
    • NO Sweeteners,
    • NO Preservatives
    • Sustainable Packaging
    • Made in the UK
    • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
    • Doesn’t exceed the limit of 0.2% of THC
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    Cannasa CBD Drinks

    In 2019, Cannasa won the best new drink product of 2019 at Food Matter Live.

    Cannasa is a British brand founded by two friends who were looking to create great and amazing hemp drinks for people who wanted to incorporate CBD benefits to social gatherings and avoid CBD Oils or CBD Vapes. The two founders are environmentally conscious and want to have a positive impact on our planet. Their intentions were to use products to protect and do less damage to our planet Earth. For example, the packaging is 100% sustainable, the bottles are made in recycled glass because as you know, plastic is a threat for the environment and the ecosystem. Not only are the glass bottles used sustainable, but are also creating 125,000 jobs across the EU. The paper labels use bio-degradable paper.

    In general, hemp cultivation requires less harmful pesticides or herbicides than many other produce in agricultural production. The hemp used to create these fantastic Raspberry and Lemon CBD Drinks comes from EU farms. Cannasa makes sure that their hemp is of the highest quality and that their products contain natural ingredients with no artificial or preservatives added. Which is indeed the case with the beet sugar that has been locally grown from UK farms.

    At the same time, Cannasa is willing to also have a positive social effect by educating people towards the benefits of CBD. Besides this wonderful philosophy, the brand doesn’t stop there and supports mental health charities.

    What makes Cannassa Botanical CDB Drink so Great?

    What exactly is the Cannasa Botanical CBD Drink? As its name suggests, Cannassa produces drinks infused with full-spectrum CBD. The brand describes their drinks as a “natural refreshment made with all-natural ingredients and botanicals that complement the workings of CBD”. The aim of their drinks is to, after a long day at work, bring harmony and energy with a refreshing taste of lemon and raspberry fruit juices and the great properties of CBD. Without feeling any guilt about drinking a delicious CBD drink and without making any harm to our Blue Planet.

    In your life, you don’t need lots of things to stay happy and healthy, simple things are simply the best. Every day is a different day and each day can bring stress or joy. Like every normal human being, you will need to stay hydrated and that’s the first function of this Cannasa Botanical CBD Drink. The second function of this refreshing bottle is to provide joy after a long day that you have managed to finish and release you from all that stress thanks to the CBD properties. Taking a second to relax while drinking your Cannasa CBD Drink can calm the mind and the break will gear your body up to be ready for the next rumble!

    Cannasa Botanical are great to drink for any occasion. Whether people are sipping stronger beverages during social gatherings, you can still revel in a refreshing drink and enjoy the event while you’re relaxed. The Cannasa Botanical CBD Drink has a clean and crisp flavour made to make you feel great.

    As Cannasa says, some people don’t want to consume CBD Oils or CBD Vapes for various reasons. If you have ever tried CBD oils, you may have noticed the bitter taste thanks to its concentrated plant-based flavour. This light and sparkling drink is made with natural raspberry and lemon juices and is infused with rose and lime extracts. The magic of it is that it contains full-spectrum CBD so you can benefit from all of the hemp attributes. The Cannasa CBD Drink uses beet sugar to bring a different flavour to the drink. Using beet sugar also makes the product totally Vegan-friendly as sugar cane extraction process can use bone char to filter the sugar. Raspberry (cherry) on the top, there are no traces of artificial ingredients or preservatives, so it’s healthy for you and healthy for our environment.


    Sparkling water, beet sugar, lemon and raspberry fruit juices from concentrate, natural flavours, rose extract, lime flower extract, Encapsulated CBD rich full spectrum hemp oil.

    Nutritional Information (per 100 ml)

    Energy 95 kJ / 23 kcal

    Fat 0 g

    of which Saturates 0 g

    Carbohydrate 5 g

    of which Sugars 4.9 g

    Protein 0 g

    Salt 0 g

    Not suitable to drink during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.