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    • 12.5% CBD
    • 560mg per E-Blunt
    • Disposable
    • Approximately 225 Puffs per E-Blunt
    • Very Easy to Use
    • No Refilling 
    • No Charging
    • Quick -Acting
    • Comes in 4 Delicious Flavours
    • Lab Tested
    • 0% THC
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    About the CBD Eblunt by Blue Moon Hemp

    One of the most popular products in the Blue Moon Hemp family is their unique E-Blunt. Thanks to its high quality, its convenience and ease of use, its potent CBD content, and its amazing flavours, the Blue Moon Hemp E-Blunt has been at the top of many CBD lovers’ lists, including ours!

    If you’re looking for a discrete on-the-go way to take CBD that is quick-acting and discrete, this E-Blunt is exactly what you want. You can easily pack it into your pocket or bag and go without worrying about the hassle of measuring out doses or being too noticeable, and it will soon become your new best CBD friend!

    Why Should You Use a CBD E-Blunt?

    CBD E-Blunts are a type of electronic cigarette that don’t require you to change coils, perform  messy refills, or even charge batteries because they are ready to use as soon as you open them, and once you’ve used it all you need to do is throw it away! 

    One of the best parts about E-Blunts is that the vapor they produce deliver the CBD directly to your lungs, which allows the CBD to metabolise at an exceptionally quick rate. This, in turn, makes E-Blunts one of the quickest-acting ways to take CBD.

    Another plus of using CBD E-Blunts is that they are just so easy to use. While there are other ways to take CBD that are easy, E-Blunts take the cake. All you need to do is inhale and enjoy the delicious flavours! Not to mention, there is no maintenance involved in having a CBD E-Blunt, so you’ll save time and hassle, and your CBD experience will be relaxing from start to finish. 

    CBD E blunt

    About Each Delicious Flavour

  • Red Devil is packed with tropical deliciousness, boasting flavours such as mango, guava, papaya, pineapple, strawberry, orange, tangerine, and blueberry tied into each other with sweet vanilla. If you love fruity flavours, you’ll love Red Devil!
  • Kush is flavoured with terpenes from the most popular sativa strains, which gives it the flavour of real Kush! It is light and tangy with touches of herbal and earthy flavours, which gives it the distinct sativa flavour. You’ll enjoy Kush if you want a more natural experience!
  • Mango Moon is Blue Moon Hemp’s unique take on a classic mango flavour. Mango Moon combines the flavour of ripe juicy mangoes with a hint of peach to create a summery, mouthwatering vibe that will lighten your day every time.
  • Flan is inspired by the classic Mexican dessert that everyone loves. It is made with high quality Madagascar vanilla beans, and features hints of lavish caramel to tie the flavour together. If you have a sweet tooth, Flan is definitely the flavour for you!
  • Dosage

    Every Blue Moon Hemp E-Blunt contains 560mg of CBD (12.5%) and 0% THC. Each E-Blunt provides approximately 225 inhales (a.k.a. puffs). 


    Proprietary Blend of CBD (Ccannabidiol), Bio Propylene Glycol, and Organic Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin. Natural and Artificial Flavors Added for Taste. 0% THC.