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    Aztec CBD E-Liquid

    Aztec CBD has a wide range of Full Spectrum CBD products. This range comes with different strengths of CBD and ranges from a starting dose of 100mg and goes up to 1000mg. All in a 10ml bottle for those seeking a stronger dose for their daily use of CBD. Aztec only use the most natural and organic terpenes, allowing you to get the true taste that you’re after. Each E-liquid uses a 50/50 ratio of VG and PG

    Aztec CBD produces a varied range of products following the strictest EU CBD standards. Aztec CBD began producing hemp products back in 2016. Since then they have been one of the first CBD brands in the UK / Europe that offer affordable lab-tested Full-Spectrum hemp products. All while using the finest hemp with high quality and high strength CBD in mind.

    Aztec CBD took a leap when they decided to open a fully licensed production facility in Europe, allowing them to take their products up to an even higher standard while providing more focus on their products. Aztec use only organically grown hemp that has not been touched with chemicals, pesticides and ensures that it is GMO-free.

    Why choose Aztec CBD?

    Aztec CBD has worked hard to expand access to high-quality cannabinoids to consumers. They have done so all while staying at a reasonable price for those who are looking to experiment with CBD. Aztec CBD products use nothing but whole plant extract, meaning that you are getting the full entourage experience, unlike broad-spectrum or Isolate CBD which tends to only have one main cannabinoid.

    Aztec CBD E-Liquid Flavours:

    Classic Hemp

    Classic Hemp is for those seeking an original hemp flavour. With earthy undertones and a light nutty finish.

    Grand Daddy Purple

    Grand Daddy Purple is the product of two strains that many in the cannabis community have come to call a classic with its stormy grape flavour and an earthy background.

    Ice Mint

    Ice Mint is a cool and refreshing take to keep things light and refreshing.

    OG Kush

    One of the most popular and sought after strains of cannabis, it’s flavour is described as an earthy pine with a citrus finish.

    Super Lemon Haze

    Yet another classic in the world on cannabis, this award-winning strain is overall citrusy with a slight sweetness to the vape

    Sweet Strawberry

    Perfect for those looking a natural and fruity flavour.


    A popular cross between two strains which provide a sweet berry undertone while keeping a refreshing tropical finish

    Mango Kush

    A sweet and tropical fruity taste with the undertones of mango, banana and pineapple

    How to Use

    The e-liquid is premixed so just fill into your e-cigarette, shake and it’s ready to vape.