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    • Compatible with the Aspire Nautilus Vaporizer
    • 1.8 Ohm
    • 5 Pack
    • Refresh the flavour of your vapes with a new coil
    • Each Coil is Individually Sealed
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    About Aspire Nautilus 1.8 Ohm Nic Salt Atomizers

    This is a 5 pack of Aspire Nautilus 1.8 Ohm Atomizer units (also known as coils).

    The Aspire Nautilus coil is easily interchangeable with other tanks that use the Nautilus Coils.

    These coils are designed for use with nicotine salt e-liquids and thicker consistency E-liquids, but they can also be used with normal E-liquid.

    Each coil is individually sealed inside a foil blister pack to keep your coils germ free. 

    Keep your vapor clean and fresh with these replacement atomizers/coils!

    How to Install a New Aspire Nautilus Atomizer

    1. Squeeze the two side buttons on the device to remove the pod
    2. Once removed, turn the pod upside down, push down on and unscrew the airflow control ring to disengage it.
    3. Detach the old coil from the airflow control ring and screw on the new one. 
    4. Place the coil and airflow component back into the pod and screw it back in.
    5. Once you have screwed the coil back in make sure you adjust your airflow component back to your preferred setting.
    6. Push the pod back into the Nautilus AIO until it clicks on both sides
    7. Start Vaping!

    Aspire Nautilus Atomizer