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    Why is the Aspire Breeze Great for CBD Dosing?

     Please Be aware that Aspire breeze are no longer legal to be sold in the UK, as original Aspire breeze vaporizers are not TPD compliant -However to address this they have made the new, improved and incredibly popular TPD Compliant Aspire Breeze 2. Get it here at Bloom Botanics UK!!!

    Initially known for their advanced tanks for vaping, Aspire has quickly become one of the best-known vape brands in the world. The Aspire Breeze is one of the most sought after small form factor vapes in the UK and is Aspire’s first all-in-one (AIO) vape device. Its compact and ergonomic shape was designed to feel good in your hands and fit easily into your pocket. To ensure you are getting an advanced and flavourful vape, the Breeze employs Aspire's 0.6ohm U-tech coil. The easy fill tank allows you to top up your e-liquid quickly with the simple top filling mechanism, even while on the go. The Aspire Breeze is not only a great option for those who are new to vaping, but also for the experienced vaper who wants a powerful and easy to use pocket device for on the go.

    Photo of the Aspire Breeze UK Vape with smoke coming out of the mouth piece

    Design and Ease of Use

    There is a reason why the Aspire Breeze is one of the most popular all in one vaporizers in the UK. There is an auto-fire feature that allows you to just inhale from the drip tip and it works straight away. You also have the choice of the fire button for a slightly faster ramp-up time. Use the Micro USB port for charging the built-in 650mAh battery. There is also an LED battery life indicator to let you know the charge levels of your battery. For battery conservation and additional safety, there is a 5 click on/off activation as well as an automatic shut off. 

    An view of all the Aspire Breeze UK Components


      • Length: 93mm
      • Width: 33mm
      • Depth: 18mm

      Picture of the Aspire Breeze UK Dimensions

      Initial Setup & Maintenance

      Remove top cap and drip tip mouthpiece. Use the metal flathead in the mouthpiece to unscrew the chimney. Take out the chimney and set aside. Then take out one of the coils from the box and prime it. To prime your coil/atomizer, add a drop of your preferred vape juice to the each one of the small holes along the bottom of the coil. Then screw the coil into the chimney. Next you will fill the tank with your preferred vape juice up to the red max fill line. Put the chimney back into the Breeze and screw it back on with mouth piece. Make sure you do not screw on the chimney too tight as it can crack the glass of the tank. Finally, put the drip tip mouth piece and top cap back onto The Breeze and allow it to sit for 5 minutes. This will let the coil absorb some of the vape juice and prevent it from burning out quickly. Click the fire button 5 times to turn on the device and start vaping!

      Aspire Breeze Coil


      • Avoid pressing the fire button when you are not inhaling as this can dry up the coil and lead to it wearing out quicker
      • Replace your coil when you start tasting a burnt taste. Coils are relatively inexpensive, and replacements can be purchased here. 

      Filling Your Aspire Breeze

      The drip tip mouthpiece is removable and doubles as a flathead screwdriver in case you need to refill your tank on the go. Just pull off the drip tip mouthpiece, unscrew the chimney and fill the tank through the hole with the e-liquid of your choice. Insert and screw the chimney back into the tank and put the drip tip mouthpiece back.

      Instructional picture of how to fill the Aspire Breeze UK

      What is included in the Aspire Breeze Box?

      • 1 Aspire Breeze All-In-One Device
      • 2 0.6 ohm Breeze U-Tech Vape Coils/Atomizers
      • 6 Extra O Rings
      • 1 Micro USB Cable
      • 1 User Manual

      Aspire Breeze All In One Starter Kit Contents From Bloom Botanics UK