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    Aspire NXT Perfect for CBD Vaping

    Aspire are globally known to be leaders in innovations in pod vaporizers. Now with their new Aspire Breeze NXT they have leapt ahead of the competition producing one of the best all in one systems for vaping CBD e liquids. At Bloom Botanics, we hunted for the perfect vape for newcomers to get into CBD vaping, and aspires pod vaporizers were a perfect choice. Their portability, reliability and discreet form factor make them ideal for new and experienced vape users. While with the modern pod system makes them easy to fill and use, and manage flavours on the go.

    What Does The Next Generation of Pod Vaporizers Offer?

    The Aspire Breeze NXT is the third generation of pod vaporisers in Aspires flagship ‘Breeze’ line. Keeping many of the favourite feature found in the Breeze 1 & 2 and building upon them with modern design and features. With an extra-strong focus on making the vape easier to use and increasing its durability, while maintaining the sleek and discreet form factor which has made the Aspire Breeze Line so popular.

    Aspire Breeze NXT components

    Aspire Breeze NXT - Key Features

    • Easy side fill - make it easy a quick to fill the pod on the go from needle tip bottles or droppers
    • External Airflow control - enables quick and easy airflow changes on the fly
    • Large rapid charging 1000mah battery - Keep your Aspire Breeze NXT going longer
    • New 0.8ohm Breeze mesh coil - delivers extended coil life and flavour
    • Easy replace coils - change coils in seconds with the new friction fit design
    • Improved power lights - know at a glance the status of your vape

    How To Setup The Aspire Breeze NXT

    The Breeze NXt is the easiest of all the pod vaporizers we’ve seen to date. It is extremely simple to use, easy to handle and mess-free to fill up. The unit´s design is extremely ergonomic and fits comfortably into the palm of your hand. The airflow can be adjusted with just one finger, without removing the pod or any other parts - simply adjust the airflow on the wheel on the side of the unit. The coil is also very easy to remove and simply clicks in and out of the base of the pod. 

    To start using your Aspire Breeze NXT you simply have to:

    • Charge your unit
    • Insert the coil into the bottom of your tank
    • Fill the tank with e-liquid
    • Let the vaporizer stand upright for 10 minutes to let the e-liquid soak the coil
    • Press the fire button while taking a draw

    The Aspire Breeze NXT is one of the most user friendly vaporizer on the market and yes, it really is that simple.

    One button system

    The Aspire Breeze NXT Vaporizer only uses a single button to operate the batterie and the unit. When you want to take a draw on the vape, simply press the button to fire. You will instantly experience delicious vapor.

    Aspire Breeze NXT in hand

    The button is also the battery level indicator. Three different coloured LED lights will flash when you are using your vape. The green light indicates that your vape is fully charged, blue for partially charged and red for almost empty battery.

    Aspire Breeze NXT Battery Charge

    Adjustable Airflow on the Side

    The design of the Aspire Breeze NXT model is not only ergonomic, it is also very functional. In previous models of the Aspire Breeze series, it was possible to adjust the airflow, however, you had to take the vape apart to do so and it wasn´t possible to do so mid draw. This is no longer the case, as Aspire have included a small setting wheel on the side of the unit that can be moved to adjust the airflow with only one finger and even during your vape session. This way you will be able to perfect airflow every time and adjust it according to the type of material you are vaping.

    Aspire Breeze NXT air flow adjustment

    Exchangeable Coils

    The Aspire Breeze NXT Vape set is an all in one vaporizer set and comes with 2 coils. Aspire have also updated the way you exchange the coils in this Breeze model and the process could not be easier. Simply pull the old coil out of the bottom of the tank and click the new coil in. It is really that simple.

    Change the coil Aspire Breeze NXT

    Filling the E-Liquid tank

    This new Aspire Breeze NXT vaporizer has been simplified to the max. To fill the tank with e-liquid you do not even have to remove the pod anymore. Simply open the silicone plug, ad your CBD e-liquid or any e-liquid of your choice and close the plug again tightly. The silicone plug fits tightly so any leaks and spills are avoided. If you are filling the tank after inserting a new coil, allow the vaporizer to stand upright for 10 minutes and let the e-liquid soak into the coil before starting a new session.

    Aspire Breeze NXT filling the tank

    Technical Specifications

    The Aspire Breeze NXT Vaporizer looks similar to previous Breeze models but has a few important technical and design differences. The size is pretty similar and the NXT is just under 10cm long and 3.5cm wide. Its curved design is not only stylish but also fits comfortably into the palm of the hand and lets you adjust the airflow during use. It comes with two 0.8ohm mesh coils that can easily be replaced and attached to the vaporizer.

    Aspire Breeze NXT mesh coils

    The entire unit is powered by a 1000mAh battery and the remaining charge is indicated by the different LED colours around the fire button. The e-liquid tank that is attached to the mouthpiece can hold 5.4ml of vape juice which is quite a high pod capacity. This allows you to vape for longer between having to refill your tank.

    Arizer Breeze NXT tank capacity


    What comes with the Aspire breeze NXT?

    • 1 x Breeze NXT Battery Unit
    • 1 x NXT Pod
    • 2 x 0.8 ohm Mesh Coils
    • 1 x Micro USB Charger
    • 1 x Warranty Card
    • 1 x User Manual