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    • Compatible with the Aspire Breeze NXT Vaporizer
    • 0.8 Ohm
    • 3 Pack
    • Refresh the flavour of your vapes with a new coil
    • Each Coil is Individually Sealed
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    The replacement coil for your Aspire Breeze NXT

    This is a 3 pack of replacement coils for the Aspire Breeze NXT Vaporizer. These coils are 0.8 ohm mesh coils and suitable for 15-20W devices. It is important to regularly replace your coil to maintain the same high vapour quality.

    Aspire Breeze NXT coil

    Do not let the tank of your vaporizer run completely empty, as this could burn the coil and damage it.

    Changing the Coil on your Aspire Breeze NXT

    It could not be easier to replace the coil on your Aspire Breeze NXT vaporizer. Simply pull theold coil out of the bottom of your tank and click the new coil back into the bottom of the pod. It really is that simple!

    When replacing your coil make sure to fill your tank with some e-liquid and stand the vaporizer upright for 10 minutes so the e-liquid can soak the new coil. This way you will not burn your coil and it will last for longer.

    Replace coil Aspire Breeze NXT vaporizer