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    Why Is The Aspire Breeze 2 Great For CBD Dosing?

    We want you to have the cleanest and easiest vaping experience. That is why we choose to stock The Aspire Breeze 2 All in one vaporizer. The newest and second iteration of the amazingly popular Aspire Breeze vaporizer. One of the most sought after small form factor vapes in the UK. 

    Using The Aspire Breeze 2 with CBD

    The Aspire Breeze 2 is a great versatile vape for CBD use. Due to it's small discreet size, and smaller vape cloud production. you'll easily be able to take the 1-2 puffs you need to dose your CBD and put it away in any pocket or bag for future use. It's got a big battery 

    Aspire breeze 2 dimensions


    Bloom Botanics UK loves the Aspire Breeze 2 because not only is it affordable, but it is built to last. Many cheaper off-brand or non-name brand vaporizers tend to fail very quickly; needing to be totally replaced in a matter of months. We have found the Aspire Breeze 2 to last longer and is also incredibly easier and cheaper to maintain than other vaporizers in its price bracket.

    Ease of use

    The simple modular design makes it easy to understand and learn to use. It is made up of 5 major parts, but only 3 which you need to understand. Making it easy to set up and maintain. The 2 parts you will easily grasp are the mouthpiece and protective cap; they are simply for what their names say. The main three key components are the battery, the atomizer (sometimes referred to as the coil) and the pod.

    Aspire breeze 2 parts uk

    The Battery - Is above average, with a 1000 Mah capacity in its small form factor, keeps you vaping longer (and charging less). With micro USB charging, it has the same charger which most android phones and other portable electronics already use. Making it easy to top up wherever you are, as you will most likely already have multiple of these cables lying about your home.

    The Pod - THIS is the feature which makes it easier than traditional E-liquid vaporizers, and what sets it apart from the original Aspire Breeze. The pod is essentially a removable tank. Do you like switch it up with different flavours or also vape nicotine E-liquids? This new feature allows you to carry multiple pods around with you. All you have to do is buy an additional pod. The removable pod also makes it easy to clean, fill and top up your tank as it's so easily removed; just click the to locking latches on each side and it pops out. 

    The Atomizer/Coil - On the Aspire Breeze 2 Vaporizer we have found the coils last a respectable amount of time (~1 month of moderate vaping), and are cheap and easy to replace. They simply screw into the top of the pod under the mouthpiece. Because the Aspire Breeze 2 is so popular the coils are not are to find; we even sell them here at Bloom Botanics UK! 

    Build Quality and Style

    The vape has a durable, lightweight and small subtle design. We like that this vape can easily fit into your pockets or the side pocket of a bag. The aluminium alloy body makes it feel really nice in your hands and just looks great. The translucent pod lets you easily see how much E-liquid you have left. Our favourite part is that you can stealthily take it out to take a dose of CBD and put it away with no one noticing. No need to worry about changing your daily routine to take CBD!

    Vapor Production

    The Aspire Breeze 2 vaporizer produces a really well-balanced amount of vapor really quickly. You don't have to worry about massive vape clouds making you look very indiscreet. Instead, it gives you a nice moderate discreet cloud of good tasting vapor. Which is what many want when it comes to dosing CBD. Most importantly makes it much easier to inhale a more controllable dose.

    Initial Setup & Maintenance 

    When you first get the vape you will need to do 3 things:

    1.  Charge the battery - The Vape will come partially charged, and will most likely work. However, putting it onto charge for 45 minutes with the supplied micro USB cable will ensure you get the most of it out of the box and will prolong the life of your battery.
       how to take apart you aspire breeze 2
    2. Remove your pod and Add the coil to the pod -  The Aspire Breeze 2 comes with 2 coils (0.6 ohm and 1 ohm). We recommend any beginner to start with the 1 ohm coil (the one with green seals) as this will produce less vapor. However, if you want more vapor try the 0.6 ohm coil. To insert it into the pod, you have to pop off the mouth piece from the pod, this can be quite difficult, but don't worry, it does come off. You will see a small metal piece in the centre (this is called the chimney unit). You unscrew by pushing it in and screwing. Once removed, the chimney unit will be able to screw onto the narrow end of the coil. After they are attached to one another, you just re-screw the chimney unit into the pod and that is the coil setup. Finally, just replace the mouthpiece onto the pod.
      Apsire bree 2 coil replacement - part 1Aspire breeze 2 coil replacement steps - part 2
    3. Add E-liquid and relax for 15 minutes - On the bottom of the pod you will see a something which small metal hole, beside the large central metal piece which is the bottom of the coil. This is a spring loaded to port where you add your E-liquid. So you will need to press down on the inner metal ring with your pipette or needle nose bottle to open the valve before you squeeze the bottle or pipette to fill the pod. You can fill the pod fully but we recommend filling it four-fifths full. The pod should then be resealed by the spring system when you remove force automatically. Place it upright for 10-15 minutes to allow the coil to get filled with the E-liquid. This is a VERY important step when inserting a new coil in any vape. If you don't follow this step it will burn out the coil, and lead to a burnt tasting vapor.Filling the aspire breeze 2 vaporizer
    4. Assemble, turn it on and vape - Put the pod into the slot on the vaporizer and turn on the vape. To do this, press the fire button 5 times quickly in a row, and you will see the lights flash on the vape. Once on, you just hold down the fire button to vaporize the E-liquid as you inhale. Finally, press the fire button 5 more times to turn off at the end of your session.

    Top Tips for using your Aspire Breeze 2:

    • Control your airflow using the dial on the chimney unit under the mouthpiece. We like to have it fully open as this produces a cooler vapor which is easier to inhale.Aspire breeze 2 airflow control
    • Avoid pressing the button when your not inhaling, this can dry up the coil and lead to it wearing out quicker.
    • Don't let your tank run empty, keep it 1/5 full if you can. Vaping it dry can burn out your coil leading to the coil need to be replaced more frequently. 


    • Replace your coil when you start tasting a burnt taste, don't worry, coils are cheap and you can buy Aspire Breeze 2 coils here!
    • The Pod shouldn't need to be replaced, but if you want to clean it, the easiest way is to remove any the coil and rinse with use warm water. dry before reusing it. 

    Whats included in the Aspire Breeze 2 box?

    • 1 Breeze 2 Device
    • 2 Coils/Atomizers (1*1.0Ω/1*0.6Ω)
    • 4 Extra replacement "O" Rings seals
    • 1 Silicone Seal
    • 1 Micro USB Cable
    • 1 Warranty Card
    • 1 User Manual

    Aspire breeze 2 box contents

    Information sourced from Manufacturers Website and our own professional experience.