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    About the 10ml Needle Tipped E-liquid Bottles

    If you are looking for a small empty bottle to take with you anywhere, this 10ml empty needle tipped E-Liquid travel bottle is the perfect solution. Great for if you want a small backup bottle or just to have an empty bottle to refill or mix your e-liquids.

    You can remove the tip easily to fill with any type of e-liquids that you like. This needle tipped bottle can contain several types of liquids from essentials oil to CBD oils or E-liquids for vaporizers.

    Then thanks to the coloured caps, you can easily recognise which empty e-liquid bottle you want or just be able to choose a colour that you fancy. And most importantly, the caps are childproofed.

    Why Do I Need an Empty Needle Tipped E-Liquid Bottle?

    • Easily transportable
    • Backup bottle
    • Shock-resistant
    • Effortless refilling

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