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    Prásino is the worlds first combination between superfood blends and CBD. they aim to bring stable and healthy products for those seeking comfort and healthy products in one of the most natural ways possible with applying their products to your diet on a daily basis. Prásino uses nanotechnology in their products to make their products water-soluble and therefore more bioavailable throughout the body, allowing it to absorb throughout the body at a faster rate. Prásino ensures that quality is key throughout their product range and regularly test their products, try out their range of products here at Bloom Botanics Learn More

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    Who are Prásino?

    Prásino is the world’s first combination between superfood blends and CBD. They aim to bring stable and healthy products to the table for those on a balanced diet and for those looking to seek comfort in a more natural way with applying their products to your diet on a daily basis Their dedication towards healthy and sustainable products that improve quality of life. Prásino is a small superfood based company but has quickly climbed the ladder in being a top brand on the market with features from Vice.

    What makes Prásino stand out?

    Prásino passion for a healthy lifestyle while providing a unique product on the market with the mix of CBD and natural Superfoods, their blends are also the best value for money when it comes to serving per sachet and they’re also the first brand to introduce CBD and Superfoods. While keeping their products vegan and also using nanotechnology to make the product water-soluble therefore more bioavailable. Prásino offers a limited number of products but they offer a product with quality being the key and regularly testing their products to stay to this level.

    What are Prásino Most Popular Products?


    Who are Prásino’s Products for?

    Prásino is aimed at those who are seeking to keep a healthy lifestyle in mind and looking for something straightforward with no hassle involved. The sachet is easy to use, just apply to your yoghurt. With the use of HydroCBD, the product gets to work as soon as possible through the body, making it good for those who are always on the go and as fast response.

    Why buy Prásino CBD Superfoods from Bloom Botanics UK?

    Prásino is a great blend between superfoods and CBD. At Bloom Botanics, we go the extra mile and offer you that bit more. We match the brand prices we sell to ensure you are offered the same great price and additional offers through our bundles. With free UK shipping on orders over £50. When you are shopping for Prásino Superfoods, you’ll find nowhere better to buy it than Bloom Botanics UK!

    Prásino’s History

    Prásino was founded in September 2018 and have believed that combining two healthy worlds, Superfoods & CBD can provide synergy. Their mission is to improve the quality of life by delivering a more natural alternative to your diet while keeping it simple. The idea of these Superfood blends was to keep it as simple as possible.