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    Koi CBD is known around the world for keeping up with reliability and providing unique tasting products. Using pharma-grade techniques to endure the same level of quality in their batches. Koi CBD pride themselves over the number of unique flavours in their e-liquids and also in their oils. Many of Koi CBD’s flavours have their own custom feel and taste that you’ll not get anywhere else in the market. While keeping their product quality that same every time with clinical precision that is industry-leading. Koi CBD offers a large range of products ranging from e-liquids to dog treats and keeps their focus on maintaining a premium product that you should try first at Bloom Botanics! Learn More

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    Who are Koi CBD?

    Koi CBD is known around the world for reliable, unique and great tasting products; which were made with pharma-grade techniques to endure uniformity and quality across all their batches. With 0% THC, Koi focus on providing some of the most pure and unobstructed CBD experiences. Koi specialises in CBD E-liquids (vape juice), but also offer a wide range of other very interesting products such as dog treats, CBD Oil, CBD Gummies and more!

    What Makes Koi CBD Unique?

    Koi CBD are the kings of flavour when it comes to oils and e-liquid. They offer a wide range of very unique and custom crafted flavours in both these products. They are constantly expanding their range with new and interesting flavours. Additionally, their dedication to making a uniform product that is the same every time with clinical precision is industry-leading.

    What Is Our Expert Opinion?

    Koi CBD provides a fantastic product where the flavour is the prime focus. Often with CBD products, flavour and taste are an afterthought if a thought at all... This leads to the majority of CBD products tasting very plant-like. This can be very off-putting to new users. That's why we often recommend vaping to many of those who are new to CBD. Koi CBD produces a fantastic product which is full of flavour and of high quality. Which will not disappoint anyone tempted by the many great products they offer!

    What Are Their Most Popular Products?


    Koi CBD Original e liquid

    1) Koi CBD Originals E Liquid

    • Koi's Original E-liquid range
    • 5 great flavours
    • Large 30 ml bottle
    Koi Naturals CBD

    2) Koi Naturals CBD Oil

    • Full-spectrum blend with 0% THC
    • All natural flavouring
    • 6 great flavours
    • Large 30 ml bottle
    Koi CBD Gummies

    3) Koi CBD Gummies

    • The Tastiest CBD Gummies around!
    • 10mg of CBD per gummy
    • Resealable Bag
    • Available in sour or sweet!

    Who Are Koi CBD Products For?

    Koi CBD products are for the more casual and entry-level user, generally, due to their lower strengths. However, if you buy the stronger variants you will not get an entry-level experience. When it comes down to it, Koi CBD has done an excellent job at making a great CBD that is very appealing and tastes great. Making it an excellent choice as your first CBD product. However, with Koi CBD's larger Bottles you'll find they are great for those who vape a lot too. Meaning that you will not need to order more CBD only after a week or two of heavy vaping.

    Koi CBD Company History

    Koi CBD was established in 2015 in California with the mission to be the ultimate standard of quality for CBD products. When the founders found that the market was flooded with mislabelled and incorrectly prepared products. This meant many CBD products bought on the market ended up being far lower in strength than advertised; if they contained any CBD at all! Koi use 99% pure cannabidiol extract, extracted with pharmaceutical-grade methods to ensure quality, safety and cleanliness. Furthermore, they have an end to end traceability to keep control of their product and the production process.