Did You Know You Can Give Hemp To Dogs, Cats & Other Pets?

Yes, it's true! Using hemp-based treats is rapidly growing in popularity for dogs, cats & other pets in the UK & worldwide. The discovery of this pops many questions into the heads of many pet owners such as:

  1. Is it safe for Pets?
  2. How much should I give them?
  3. What does it do for them?

Here we will quickly answer those questions!

Is Hemp Safe for Pets?

Yes! Hemp is safe for pets as it is the exact same hemp that is given to a human in products such as Hemp milk, Hemp Oil or CBD oil.

How Many Hemp Treats Should I Give my Pet?

To use your hemp product safely we suggest following the recommended dose on the side of the bottle or pack, due to the varying ingredients or amounts in each product.

However, to be extra safe we do recommend starting with a smaller portion and keeping an eye on your dog or pet to check they haven't got any allergies to Hemp or the other ingredients in the product you give them.

What does Hemp do for Dogs & Pets?

Hemp has a very similar effect on your pets as it would for you. Helping to restore a natural balance to their life, due to the benefits that the micronutrients and essential oils in the plants have. Making it a great part of a healthy and complete diet.

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