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    FourFive CBD was created when professional rugby players and founders, Dom Day and George Kruis, started using CBD in their daily routine and noticed the benefits from it. A CBD brand that has been created by athletes for athletes… and everyday people, their products have been specifically designed to help you maintain an active lifestyle. Their products come in a range of different strengths and flavours so that you are able to find the best option for you. Plus, they have been thoroughly tested for cross-contamination of banned substances and are certified by the Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG). Learn More

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    Who are FourFive?

    FourFive have taken a pervasive and inescapable problem and, in finding a solution, are turning the CBD industry on its head. Founded by two professional athletes, Dom Day and George Kruis, FourFive was born based on a simple and innovative truth - that prevalent opioid addiction and substance abuse within professional athleticism can, and will, be stopped in its tracks by CBD. Both men have experienced, have played and trained through, injury and pain - accumulating an impressive 12 surgeries between them during their careers as international professional rugby players. In an attempt to escape the grips of prescription painkillers they discovered the healing power of CBD, both finding CBD so beneficial in maintaining balance during the trials of professional sport that they established their very own CBD company. FourFive CBD sells products for CBD lovers made by CBD lovers – and prioritize the individual’s need at every level.

    What Makes FourFive Stand Out?

    FourFive’s 0% THC CBD oilwas created in response to demand from professional athletes who saw the benefits of what CBD is capable of, but were concerned about the purity of CBD products and the risks therein - as such their products are formulated specially with the athletic community in mind. FourFive’s full range of CBD oils are vegetarian and vegan-friendly, as well as being pesticide and herbicide-free. Moreover, FourFive champion honesty and transparency by making third-party tested lab reports for their CBD product range readily available to the curious. FourFive’s 0% THC oil has been thoroughly tested for cross-contamination of banned substances and is certified by the Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG). The BSCG is considered one of the highest authorities in dietary supplement certification and Olympic drug testing, and FourFive are the first brand to become part of the BSCG Certified Hemp program, which was developed in response to the growing number of athletes turning to CBD for injury-related pain. And although all traces of THC have been removed, FourFive’s impressive broad-spectrum CBD formulas contain a treasure trove of other active plant botanicals and cannabinoids, ensuring their users are graced with an amazingly powerful ‘entourage effect’ that increases the overall performance of the CBD.

    What is our Expert Opinion?

    We can’t decide what’s more noble about FourFive CBD - their cause or their products, but we think it must be a rather even split. The drive and dedication of these two athletes and founders of the brand is unprecedented, transparent, and powerful. Both Dom and George play club rugby for the English Premiership club Saracens, and Dom has represented Wales at an international level, playing in the 2015 Rugby World Cup. George is a seasoned England international and also a British & Irish Lion. To say that these two have first-hand experience of the radical reformation that needs to take place within the field of sports injury is an understatement - and they’ve created CBD formulas strong enough to tackle the problem! FourFive CBD oil is THC free, all-natural, CO2 extracted for the highest nutritional value in each and every drop and is formulated in three different strengths to cater to CBD users with varying needs - low (500mg), medium (1000mg), and high (2000mg). Available in both natural and orange-infused flavours, these CBD oils are also uniquely designed with a spray applicator for easy administration. All the user has to do is simply spray under the tongue and hold for a minute before swallowing for maximum absorption. We are impressed with the great performance of their products, their innovative application ideas, and knowledge that everyone’s CBD needs are different, and honestly love that we can follow them on this journey of positive change.

    What Are FourFive’s Most Popular Products?

    Who Are Their Products For?

    Not only do FourFive want to reform the way in which the athletic community perceives cannabinoids and their inherent healing abilities, but they want to bring this knowledge and their excellent products to a much broader audience as well! FourFive understand, perhaps more than any other CBD company, that pain can interfere with life, livelihood, and even personal relationships as well as athletics and an active lifestyle. The lower strength formula will ease you in while you’re working out your optimum dosage, while the orange oil infusion will offset some of the herbal bitterness typical of CBD oil. For more seasoned CBD users, FourFive’s 1000mg and 2000mg strengths are perfect for a strong boost right when you need it most. And, FourFive’s natural and orange flavours are considerably more palatable than many other leading brands, making them even more accessible to the masses!

    What is FourFive's Company History?

    Founded in 2018, FourFive is a UK-based company promising high-quality CBD products geared towards improving recovery, optimizing health in general, and managing pain both in and out of the arena of athleticism. They both came to credit CBD with helping them to maintain an active lifestyle on and off the playing field and after their positive experiences with CBD, the seeds of progress began to sprout, and FourFive CBD soon became a reality. Dom and George founded the company in an attempt to find a sustainable solution for pain and injuries, to provide educational support about the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids, and to demonstrate full transparency about the source, cultivation, and production of their range of CBD. Although young, this company has quickly come to stand for the future of CBD, and a beacon of all the ways in which it can help us live our best lives.