Who are Endoca?

Endoca - derived from Endocannabinoid - are firm believers in the amazing potential and capabilities of CBD, and are dedicated to creating the finest and purest products that help the natural magic of CBD hemp oil shine and dazzle without unnecessary filler. Formed in 2006, Endoca are not new to the CBD game and are in fact a rather established company compared to other CBD brands. Its founders have a comprehensive history exploring the natural benefits of CBD, and their driven passion, established history, and innovative products are well worth a try.

What Makes Endoca Stand Out?

With a philosophy focused on providing all the great benefits of CBD, Endoca is just as passionate about their products as they are about educating the curious about how CBSD works and making it more easily available to those that need it most.

Wholly devoted to promoting sustainability in all aspects of their business, Endoca has created the Endoca Foundation, established on the basis of providing CBD oil to families with children that could benefit from CBD oil. Moreover, the Endoca Forest School is a pilot project of theirs that follows a British curriculum in a nature-based environment.

What is Our Expert Opinion?

We at Bloom Botanics know when a CBD product is worth using daily - and it’s not just because of how well the product works (but we’ll get to that in a moment!), but is also because of what the brand stands for. When we use Endoca’s products, we feel like we’re contributing to a global campaign that promotes CBD education, access and sustainability.

Using the highest grade, natural CO2 extraction methods to source their CBD, and minimalistic/organic ingredients to accompany them, every product in our Endoca range is a tiny piece of their entire brand philosophy, and they leave us with happy bodies and happy hearts as well!

What are Endoca's Most Popular Products?

1. Endoca’s CBD Hemp Salve

We can’t get enough of Endoca’s CBD Hemp Salve, and who could blame us? With a delightfully high CBD concentration (750mg), 0% THC, and made from entirely natural and organic food grade ingredients like Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Beeswax, and Lemon Peel Oil this salve is amazingly effective for treating dry skin on the face or body. It’s lusciously smooth and ideal for sore muscles and body aches.

2. Endoca Raw Organic Hemp Protein Powder

A good protein powder is a special thing, containing that ideal balance of necessary ingredients without overdoing it, and this Raw Organic Protein Powder is nothing but goodness without filler. Rich in 9 essential amino acids and healthy fats like Omega 3, 6, and 9, this protein powder is a great addition to any daily wellness routine. As a complete source of protein and rich in fibre, this protein powder will help you absorb vital nutrients from your food while providing essential fatty acids your body can’t produce on its own.

3. Endoca CBD Whipped Body Butter

Our favourite Endoca beauty product. This whipped body butter will leave skin feeling glorious. Providing a strong kick of CBD to your skin routine, this whipped body butter is, of course, 100% natural, totally organic, and made with food-grade ingredients. And, moreover, it’s so ultra-nourishing and moisturizing, you’ll feel good enough to eat after just one use!

Who are their Products for?

Endoca’s products are ideal for the CBD user who is, above all, conscious about using only the most natural and organic ingredients that are sourced in a transparent and sustainable way. For the CBD user who wants to contribute to increasing the global awareness of the great benefits of CBD, Endoca is the ideal brand for you!

What is Endoca's Company History?

Founded in 2006, Endoca has been around substantially longer than many CBD brands. Endoca’s founder, Henry Vincenty, has a long history in discovering the benefits, promoting the unique qualities of, and creating CBD products that are not just entirely natural, but also accessible on a wide scale. Today the company focuses on making CBD oil available worldwide and developing innovative products that help people reunite with nature, by using plant-based products made from hemp.

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