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    Choose a better day with CUBID CBD. Self-care is at the core of everything they do, and their premium range of CBD goods were crafted to be more than just a product range. The ingredients have all been chosen with your self-care in mind: The world’s finest industrial hemp-derived CBD, natural botanicals along with essential oils. The Colorado hemp used is free from pesticides, heavy metals and THC. CUBID CBD sees themselves as a botanical apothecary for the mind, body and soul to let you choose a better day, every day. Learn More

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    Who are CUBID CBD?

    CUBID CBD wanted to create a CBD brand that could lead the way in trustworthiness, transparency, and education, and indeed they have. Their CBD offers a high performance, superior quality solution that stands in a league of its own. Combining the world’s finest industrial hemp-derived CBD, natural botanicals and essential oils, CUBID CBD deliver a cutting-edge and effective CBD oiland skincare range to suit every want and need. With their intuitive understanding that not everyone prefers taking CBD oil, CUBID have focussed on creating a luxurious and effective topical range of CBD products to help with any and all kinds of skin and muscle inflammation. Their skincare specialists have created formulas that contain other powerful natural ingredients with the relevant medicinal benefits that, together with CBD, make an amazing impact. Quality, transparency, provenance - CUBID CBD echo this mantra through every CBD product they help bring into the world. With their ‘outside the box’ approach to CBD, CUBID are a brand that is at the forefront of the CBD revolution. Making CBD productsfrom hemp grown in Colorado, CUBID ensure that everything involving the production of their CBD, from seed to shelf, follows organic practices and focuses on sustainability, using only local farmers and local water sources.

    What Makes CUBID Stand Out?

    CUBID’s entire philosophy is centered around making a positive, lasting influence on the CBD industry as a whole through their ultra-transparency, keen desire to educate the public about the variety of benefits different forms of CBD can offer, and relentless drive to create products to suit every CBD user’s unique needs - both topically with their skincare products and their CBD tinctures. CUBID wants to make CBD accessible to everyone through education and trustworthiness, to help everyone choose a better day, every day. Beyond this, their Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil contains 65% CBD, plus other cannabinoids including CBDA, CBG, CBC and some terpenes, and absolutely no THC, so their products are safe to take by everyone. Using their unique TruSpektrum Technology, the supplier of their Broad Spectrum hemp oil wants to ensure that they can provide a high strength Broad Spectrum product, without any traces of THC, and they understand this happens in the purification process. Their supplier is the only CBD manufacturer and wholesaler in the world that has an in-house analytical lab that tests every product at each stage of processing. Their Broad Spectrum THC-free CBD is used in each of their skincare products, plus their tinctures. It stands out for its ability to maintain natural terpenes and an array of other cannabinoids

    What is Our Expert Opinion?

    CUBID is certainly paving the way for a new CBD heyday in which transparency and scientifically proven products reign supreme, and where an educated consumer can choose from a range of products that target specific issues and needs. CUBID CBD wants to be trusted by their customer base, and wants to ensure that an open and honest dialogue not only fuels industry change but also ensures that people are getting the products that they desire. And, what else can we say but that we are fully on board with this philosophy, not to mention fully on board with their selection of excellent CBD oils and skincare products!

    What are CUBID's Most Popular Products?

    Who are their Products for?

    Those looking for a CBD experience who either prefer not to use oil drops or those looking specifically for topical CBD applications will love this brand. And, moreover, anyone looking for a CBD oil that is sophisticated, scientifically proven to be effective, and sustainable will appreciate just how transparent and open CUBID CBD really are. Although they do provide isolate formulas, CUBID puts much dedication and focus on producing the best Broad Spectrum CBD products available, and as such this company is for those looking for the best Broad Spectrum CBD on the market today.

    What is CUBID's Company History?

    Founded in 2019 and based in Derbyshire, CUBID is a breath of fresh, new air in the CBD community. Without much of a history to their brand as yet, they have certainly made a stir in the CBD market with their sustainable and organic practices and lifestyle-supporting formulas, and are built around Colorado-grown hemp. Offering a multi-dimensional approach to CBD, CUBID CBD believes in ‘seed to shelf’ sourcing to obtain the highest quality ingredients with hemp-derived, Broad Spectrum CBD (free from high-inducing THC), natural botanicals, and essential oils. Specializing in CBD oils and skincare, we can’t wait to see the impact of their great philosophy on the CBD market as a whole!