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    CBDistillery is a CBD Brand founded in 2016 by Andrew Papillion and Lincoln Sorenson. Their founders saw that the CBD market was quickly growing, but noticed some gaps in this market, and set out to fill them.

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    Who Are CBDistillery?

    CBDistillery is a CBD Brand founded in 2016 by Andrew Papillion and Lincoln Sorenson. Their founders saw that the CBD market was quickly growing, but noticed some gaps in this market, and set out to fill them.
    CBDistillery’s philosophy consists of providing accessible CBD products for anyone and everyone (including your pets!) and providing scientifically proven education to anyone with a bit of curiosity about the CBD world.
    They are also the starters of the #CBDMOVEMENT™. This movement has sparked a CBD revolution, which has done away with the stigma around CBD and has made CBD much more mainstream than it had for many years. 
    The #CBDMOVEMENT™ consists of up to 26,000 real customer reviews, and a very large social media presence. It’s through this movement that CBDistillery has created their unique brand-customer trust, and has been able to reach thousands of people.

    What Makes CBDistillery Stand Out?

    CBDistillery’s wonderful ways of spreading educational content about CBD, including their CBD User Guide which has up to 37k downloads, is one of the main things that makes CBDistillery stand out.
    CBDistillery also plays a large role in modern-day CBD research on a scientific level and support this new section of research wholeheartedly. It’s thanks to this research that they can share the latest advancements in the CBD world. 
    Another thing that sets CBDistillery apart from other brands is their view on accessible CBD products for all, and the quality of their products themselves. CBDistillery CBD Products are incredibly accessible in terms of price and product variety. They really do have something for everyone.

    What is Our Expert Opinion?

    Here at Bloom Botanics, we love the way CBDistillery has made such a big name for themselves by using their platform to educate people about CBD and to provide high quality, hemp-derived CBD products for everyone.
    They would be almost perfect, but we have found one small flaw, and that is the fact that the droppers they use in their CBD oil and CBD tinctures can be unreliable at times since they come apart if they’re not used with a bit of caution.

    What Are CBDistillery’s Most Popular Products?


    CBDISTILLERY Vegan CBD Gummies

    CBDISTILLERY Vegan CBD Gummies

    -30mg CBD

    -25 PM Gummies in every bottle

    -99+% Pure CBD Isolate, 0.0% THC

    -Gluten-Free, Vegan, & Halal

    -Pre-measured  Servings


    CBDISTILLERY THC-Free Pure CBD Oil Tincture

    -250mg 99% Pure CBD Isolate, 0.0% THC

    -30ml Bottle with easy dropper

    -Third-party lab tested

    -Non-GMO, naturally grown hemp plants

    -Complete with fractionated coconut oil (MCT)



    -200mg of CBD

    -510 Threading

    -3 Great Flavours

    -Third-party lab tested

    Who Are CBDtillisery’s Products For?

    CBDistillery’s speciality is their line of incredible CBD Tinctures. They are packed with a blend of naturally occurring terpenes, and they come in many different strengths, including options made with 99+% Pure CBD Isolate for those seeking THC-free options.
    CBDistillery has a great philosophy when it comes to who they’re making products for: they believe in making CBD products for anyone and everyone who seeks pure high-quality CBD products in both full-spectrum and THC-free options!
    In order to cater to everyone, they make CBD Tinctures with and without THC, CBD Gummies, CBD Topicals, and even CBD Vape equipment. So not only do they cater to people looking for THC-free options, but they include them in all different ways of taking CBD, such as tinctures, oils, topicals. 

    CBDistillery Company History

    CBDistillery was founded in Colorado in 2016 by a group of Colorado natives. Founders Andrew Papillion and Lincoln Sorenson came together in an effort to start a never-before-seen view on CBD, and have always aimed to provide CBD to the world.
    CBDistillery also opened their newest brand, CBDistillery RX, which is a brand focused on offering broad-spectrum CBD with no traces of THC in sight. Their mission is to provide people with a CBD experience free from THC, yet still complemented with naturally occurring cannabinoids, such as terpenes, in their products. 
    They have quickly and exponentially grown since they founded CBDistillery, and more so since their line of CBDistillery RX products have come onto the market. This growth has allowed them the opportunity to both globalize the sale of their products, and also spread educational content about CBD from one end of the globe to the other. 
    Another key factor in their growth has been their original #CBDMOVEMENT™. It has spread across all social media platforms like a wildfire, and has gained a huge following. Critics have embraced their use of our global communication platforms, and commend them on their unique way of educating people about CBD, and providing trustworthy CBD products.