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    • Vape Battery Pen + High Strength CBD Vape Cartridge
    • Screw on Cartridge and Vape on the Go!
    • Available in Two Flavours
      • Moroccan Mint
      • O.G. Kush
    • 10% CBD Concentration (100mg/ml)
    • Guaranteed to be THC Free
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    Harmony CBD TEMPO Vape POD UK

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    Harmony CBD Vape Pen UK - Starter Set

    The discreet and easy to use Harmony CBD Vape Pen is a great way to try CBD vaporisation, as it's by far the simplest way to try it. The high concentration CBD E-Liquid pre-filled cartridge is available in two of their most popular flavours. All you need to do is screw the cartridge onto the charged battery and suck. There are no buttons, no messy refilling and no complications with compatible parts. It just works and provides a great vaping experience at the same time. It doesn't get any more simple than that.

    Harmony is renowned in the UK for their high-quality CBD Isolate, which they acquire by CO2 Extraction from hemp oil extracted from the Hemp plant. Harmony mixes this with Nicotine free E-liquid, to produce some of the easiest to vaporise CBD E-liquid in many different flavours.

    Why Vape CBD?

    It has been found that vaporising CBD is one of the most efficient was of taking it, as about 60% of what is vaporised gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Other cannabidiol products such as CBD capsules, CBD oil tincture or CBD gummies that are taken orally is found to only be absorbed by around 15%. Basically, this means vaping CBD can be 4 times more efficient than eating an edible CBD product.

    Why Use CBD Cartridge Vape Pens Over The Alternatives

    We recommend using cartridge pens like in this Harmony CBD Vape Pen Starter kit, due to the sheer simplicity. Normal e-liquid vaporisers vary greatly in their operation, with temperature & power settings and interchangeable coils and tanks which all affect the output of the vape and require maintenance individually. The knowledge to get this right is a large barrier to starting vaping. However, CBD vape pens like in this starter kit, eliminate all the confusion. It's simple, as everything is designed for one another and there is little to no extra cost due to the convenience gained. Additionally, it's a lot more discreet due to the small vape cloud produced; while offering the same amounts of CBD due to the high strength e-liquid in the Harmony CBD Vape Pen Kit's cartridge!

    harmony CBD Vape pen uk

    How to use the Harmony CBD Vape Pen UK

    This Vape is SUPER simple to set up! All it takes is 3 easy steps:

    1. Charge battery using the included USB charger
      1. Screw the battery portion into the USB adapter, then plug into your PC or USB charger
      2. the light will turn on and then turn green when fully charged!
    2. Screw the pre-filled cartridge onto the battery
    3. Vape! The vape activates automatically when you suck on the mouthpiece. Simple!!!

    The battery end of the Pen glows when your pen has enough charge to vaporise

    To Charge

    The battery screws into the end of the USB charger. You will know it is charging when the led lights up on the charger. The best part about this being USB is this charges in any USB port which is very handy!

    Harmony CBD Vape pen kit UK - all accessories

    The CBD Vape Pens E-Liquid

    The CBD E-Liquid used in this vape is of the highest quality and strength. With a 10% concentration (100mg/ml), you need to vape significantly less to consume the same amount CBD found in many other E Liquids. This means with one inhale you could consume the same CBD as 10 inhales of weaker 1% CBD E-liquids. This is great for those people who want to take only a few puffs to reach their target CBD intake. With less vaping overall, the battery and your e-liquid last longer than you would expect, especially for its small size.

    Where can I get additional cartridges?

    You can get extra Harmony CBD Vape Pen Cartridges here from Bloom Botanics UK.

    Cartridge Flavours

    The Harmony CBD Vape Pen Kit UK flavours are:

    harmony vape pen kit available flavours

    Moroccan Mint

    OG Kush

    Has a strong natural peppermint taste, similar to that you would find in an 'After Eight' after-dinner mint! It's a very natural minty taste and not too overpowering. If you're a fan of mint you will like this one! Captures the taste of the flower that the cannabidiol is extracted from. This is a natural organic taste. The taste is not like if you smoked the hemp flower, it resembles more the aromas you would find in a tea of the Hemp flower. So its a lot more subtle and clean of a taste

     What's included in the Harmony CBD Vape Pen starter kit

    • 1x Battery
    • 1x USB Charger
    • 1x Pre-Filled Cartridge 1ml - 10% concentration (100mg/ml) 

    Our Opinion of the CBD Vape Pen Starter kit by Harmony

    This CBD Vape Pen Starter kit really is all you need to experience CBD at a strength which you will notice. That way, you will be able to determine if CBD is for you and something you want to try more of. Harmony's CBD Vape Pen is definitely one of the more attractive pen vapes. However, you are dependent on using cartridges with this CBD vape pen. This can easily be resolved in two ways:

    1. Keep buying cartridges: we stock three different types, So check out our CBD vaping collection.  
    2. Buy empty refillable 510 threaded cartridges and top them up with your CBD E-liquid of choice. (There can be compatibility issues with this, so be careful)

    Overall we love this vape, it really is a sleek sexy little CBD vape pen, and it is from one of the most trusted CBD brands in the UK. You can be sure you will not be disappointed by this vape or your first CBD experience with the Harmony CBD Vape Pen Kit. Vape on!

    Legality in the UK

    Cannabidiol (CBD) sourced from hemp like the CBD used in the Harmony Products are 100% Legal in the UK. All CBD Oil in the UK with a maximum of 0.2% THC is legal. 


    Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavourings, CBD, Contains 0% THC.

    Lab report

    10% (100mg/10ml)