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    cbd terpenes

    CBD Terpenes

    Terpenes are substances produced by most fragrant plants, including hemp and cannabis plants. They are responsible for the aroma (and sometimes benefits) of these plants. Every plant has a different terpene blend that gives them their unique aroma. Fun fact: even some insects produce terpenoids! Incredible, right?

    CBD terpenes are terpene blends extracted from hemp or cannabis plants that also contain CBD. These are usually presented in very concentrated amounts, (since a little goes a long way) and can be used in almost any situation, from vaping to cooking to adding them to your favorite products!

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    Benefits of CBD Terpenes

    CBD terpenes can be very beneficial in that when CBD and terpenes are used together, there is a theorised ‘synergy’ between them, meaning that they are much more potent and beneficial when used together instead of separately. Every unique terpene that we know of has a set of benefits, and these can vary from antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory effects, aromatherapeutic potential, anti-fungal properties, and many more. You can use different terpene blends for different things! Another great benefit of terpenes is that they add a complex aroma or flavour to anything they’re added to. Want a THC-free vape that tastes like a popular cannabis strain? Use the plant’s terpene blend! Want a naturally flavoured food or drink? Use terpenes! Looking for a great aromatherapy candle? Terpenes are your new best friend! Terpenes are very concentrated, so a little is all you need; but when used right, they can do wonders in your life. These are only some of the reasons CBD brands like to add terpenes to their CBD products, and we’re all here for it!

    CBD Terpenes FAQ

    What is the Difference Between CBD Oil and CBD Terpenes

    CBD oil is the result of extracting CBD from cannabis or hemp plants and diluting it in a carrier oil such as hemp oil or olive oil. CBD terpenes are the result of extracting terpenes from cannabis, hemp, or other plants, and infusing it with CBD - sometimes diluting it in a carrier oil.

    Does CBD with Terpenes Make You High?

    First things first: CBD cannot make you high. CBD with terpenes can’t make you high either! CBD isn’t a psychoactive substance, and neither are CBD terpenes. Therefore, there is no need to worry about CBD or CBD terpenes making you high.

    Are CBD Terpenes Legal in the UK?

    CBD terenes are legal in the UK as long as they don’t contain more than the legal amount of THC (0.2%). Here at Bloom Botanics, we only source the best of the best, and we make sure that every single CBD terpene product you buy is fully legal and safe.

    How Are CBD Terpenes Made?

    CBD terpenes are made by extracting the cannabis or hemp plants’ naturally occurring terpenes and then blending them with CBD, which is also extracted from these plants. Manufacturers can isolate specific terpenes or extract ‘full spectrum’ terpene blends.

    Can You Vape CBD Terpenes?

    Absolutely! Terpenes can add a lot of body to a flavourless CBD vape liquid. Just always make sure to remember that a little goes a long way and that they are highly concentrated. Also, remember that the best way to make sure you’ll have a great experience is by getting terpene products made especially for vaping. So be safe, and vape away! 

    What Do CBD Terpenes Do?

    CBD terpenes have different functions depending on the blend of terpenes used. Terpenes themselves give CBD products their aroma and flavour, and together they’re thought to add to the ‘entourage effect’, which means they work best when together.