What are CBD Tablets & Capsules?

CBD Tablets/Capsules are a perfect option for those who are looking for precision and discretion and come in two main types: soft-gel/liquid capsules or a hard tablet-like shell. They can vary in dosage, size, flavour and colour, but will all have one ingredient in common, Cannabidiol (CBD). 

Choosing CBD Capsules over other forms of CBD is obviously completely down to your personal needs and preferences, so it is best to know why others prefer Cannabidiol Tablets and Capsules.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking CBD in Tablet/Capsule Form?

Many forms of CBD will offer similar benefits, but just in different ways. Some characteristics of taking CBD Capsules are:

Precise Dosages

Tablets and Capsules are, of course, to be taken orally. Whether chewed or swallowed depends on the suggestions printed on the tablet’s packaging. However, the fact that they are taken orally means that they will be absorbed through the stomach into the bloodstream.

CBD tablets and capsules contain a measured dosage of CBD which makes them a great way to moderate and control your intake. Many researchers suggest that CBD tablets may be a good option for first time users, being that it can be a moderated easily.

Calculating your ideal CBD dosage is simple when taking it in Capsule form. You can easily track your consumption and adjust your intake accordingly. 


Integrating Cannabidiol into your daily life is as easy as taking a multivitamin with your morning coffee when taking CBD Tablets and Capsules. Many people need this type of consistency when developing new habits. It doesn't get any easier than taking a capsule every morning or night with your other supplements. 

Other people prefer the portability of capsules and the fact that they can carry them on the go. Just keep them in your handbag and take one when you remember. 


For some people, discretion is extremely important when taking CBD. Many feel there is still a big taboo when it comes to Cannabidiol and they would prefer to keep their reasons for taking it to themselves. 

Most capsules look like an omega 3 supplement or a regular tablet making them hard to decipher what exactly they are. 

Lack of Odor and Taste

Hemp and Cannabis give CBD it's very distinctive plant-like taste and smell that some people find very off-putting. Capsules are a great option for those who dislike the earthy taste of CBD Oils as they just swallow the capsule with their drink of choice. 

What to look for when buying CBD Capsules and Tablets

CBD Tablets or Capsules will be encased in hard shell tablets or soft gel capsules. The encasing used for tablets and capsules will be made from either gelatin or vegetable cellulose. For vegans or those who are trying to avoid animal products, then it is best to look for capsules that use vegetable cellulose as gelatin is derived from animals.  

Inside the capsule, the CBD extract is usually suspended into oil to bulk out the capsule and add additional benefits. The most common oils used are hemp seed oil or coconut oil (this can sometimes be listed at MCT oil). 

The carrier oil used works to aid the absorption of the Cannabidiol plant extracts. Coconut oil is often used because it is said to provide a greater bioavailability and allow the CBD to be absorbed quicker, and Hemp seed oil is used for its essential fatty acids. It all comes down to preference when choosing. 

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