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    Protein is absolutely essential for our bodies to be in top shape. There are many kinds of protein supplements and many of them are amazing on their own, but what if you could make them even better by adding CBD to them? You can! World-renowned CBD brands such as Endoca, Prásino, The Hemp Company Dublin, and 7NRG have designed CBD protein powder products that combine the benefits of protein powder and CBD all into one amazing package!Learn More

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    What Is CBD Protein Powder?

    The name ‘CBD protein powder’ refers to protein powder that contains CBD. This can include any type of protein powder such as whey protein, raw hemp protein, and soy protein, and any kind of CBD, though water soluble CBD is usually prefered. The protein powders’ CBD dosage depends on the brand and product, as does the type of protein.

    What is CBD Protein Powder Made Of?

    CBD protein powder is made with a base of protein in powder form and CBD. From there, additional ingredients can include vitamins and minerals, natural or artificial flavours, plant extracts, and other unique ingredients. Their formulas are usually quite simple, and so they’re easy for our bodies to process.

    Does Hemp Protein Have CBD In It?

    Hemp protein is protein derived from hemp seeds, and contrary to popular belief, hemp protein on its own does not contain CBD or other popular cannabinoids such as THC, CBDa, CBG, or others. That’s why CBD must be added to hemp protein in order to make it what is called ‘CBD protein powder’. A great example of pure hemp protein is The Hemp Company Dublin’s Hemp Protein.

    How to Use CBD Protein Powder

    Every CBD protein powder has its own qualities, and every product is designed to help you reach a specific goal. That’s why it’s important to read the product’s user guide or instructions before use. By reading the specific product’s instructions you’ll get the most out of your product. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with your CBD protein powder! Why not change it up a bit every once in a while by making smoothies or protein shakes, adding a dose to your breakfast fruit bowl, drinking it before your workout in a drink like 7NRG CBD Protein Shake, or adding it to your post-workout shakes? Don’t be afraid to change things up and have some fun with it!

    How to Be Safe When Taking CBD Protein Powder

    Always make sure the products you use are safe by ensuring they are made with high quality ingredients and made by reputable brands. Always check that the product’s 3rd party lab test results are available to view, and check them to make sure the product contains the promised amount of CBD, less than 0.2% THC, and doesn’t contain any other substances. Another great way to stay safe when taking CBD protein powder is by buying them from well-trusted stores, such as Bloom Botanics. That way you can be sure that any options you see have been approved by professionals who care about your health and wellbeing!

    Is CBD Protein Powder Legal?

    CBD protein powder is legal in the UK. As long as the CBD protein powder contains less than the legal limit amount of THC, which is 0.2%, the product is completely legal. Of course, we always suggest that you buy from reputable brands and stores. Here at Bloom Botanics we make ensuring that all products are completely legal and safe a top priority, because we care about you and want you to have the best experience!